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    There are traces of myself that I can’t seem to find. The moments I slip and forget myself completely. I always want to call on you. My other half. But don’t I seem so needy?

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    Lose a leg, we got another 5

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    Thinking too much depleted the process; Thinking too less overrides the process. So tell me, is this life meant to be painted with our tribulations and constant stirring emotions? This stretched out white wall continues until I decide my mind no longer wanders. Although sometimes, I find it off the canvas, in another world.

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    There was no credibility in the pages of our books. Turn all you want, but the next page is always different from the last, and more than likely the next.

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    With all the whiplash attempts, I’m finally forwarding, and there IT is ….that..which is tantamount to felicity and all her energy. All I wanted was to move forward, love wholeheartedly (again), meet positive associates, let go of the swelling in the back of my mind, and defy time.

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    Coincidentally. Only coincidentally did I find myself in a free position. Of course, I recognized that the sky was blue, the heavy scent of sewage lingering about, the callouses of my palms, the deliberate honks of angry taxi drivers, and the leftover coffee at the tip of my tongue. I also forgot to mention that […]

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    You know, I found myself abroad, limp cigarette, heavy trudge, wet-dog smell because of the rain, and surrounded. And if the light artillery in my left chest wasn’t heavy enough, the gun powder smell left me feeling more dead than before. One side blind, other side weak. Julia.

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    My days stretch from dismantlement to wholeheartedness. I walked down the street in a city so far away, there on the side, a homeless man tended to his day worth of try to make necessities; He bent copper into hearts, creatures made of swirls, men with sharp edges, and whatever else his potential desired. I […]

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    Wasn’t that how humans worked? They only seek what will provide for them ….no one will speak to you unless you’re providing something; a merit; a feeling; devotion; words; food; shelter; life; etc. My mind felt so old, aged, and restrained….I’m so tired of the inert words…the dying appreciation….the countless let downs…..you all go on […]

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    Nothing needs to be in a schedule. I hate schedules so much that I can’t even be poetic about it. I don’t like this word.

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    We’ve been driving for 2 days already; here we are lodging in at Nevada, drawing closer, but yet so far at the same time. I reclined on the motel bed, under these musty sheets that reeked of cheap motel sex, tears, and a history of events that I don’t want to think about. I looked […]

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    I sat idle as my coffee began to simmer down in temperatures that wouldn’t burn my tongue. Behind me, a man, overzealous….explains his new film idea to his friend, waving about his long arms, giving a visual example of each scene. I found myself chucking. The world has so many dreams.

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    I felt myself levitating….my physical conscious dispersing….my mind cleaning it’s slate….then I felt ..just like that…a punch….and there I was sitting outside of my body, ready for an astral travel.

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    I found myself being held tightly, as we swayed to the pouring rain, I felt his left hand touching my face, and the other suddenly placing something in my right hand. There I felt a ring. and I closed my eyes and felt it absorb the wool fibers of my coat pouch.

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    We separate for three seconds, but I can feel our hearts rattling it’s magnetics and here we are galloping around each others fingers. But I was fine with this. Knowing I could only be attached to you.

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    There’s this strange opulence when it came to the amount of living things on this Earth. Trees for example, sprouting about, filling the world…blahblahblah

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    It came so close. The inevitable halt to the night. Our last night together, before we separate; you to the Mideast, myself to the South. No matter how much I held it in, there was this irrevocable sought for our time to be extended. And then for our last kiss, I felt two imprints on […]

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    If I had known it would be so cramped, I would of pursued a different stead. I found myself pacing about and realizing I’m finally in a new place. It was a small stead, but it was were I would be sleeping and creating for the next 4 years. But it’s what I wanted anyways; […]

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    I’m trying…I’m trying to recall that one time in history where I finally felt That feeling. and no matter how much time has passed, I felt myself diminishing all the surroundings and basking in That feeling. I wanted to go back. I wanted to feel your warmth, your lips, your everlasting touch. Electric.