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    The three of them crept through the unlit home, where two children slept undisturbed in the back room. One guy looked at the girl before grabbing a key that sat on the table.
    “I’ve got it,” he whispered before beginning the search for the small box.
    “What are you looking for?” asked a small boy in his sleeping gown at the end of the hallway. The…[Read more]

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    There was one single thing she found wistfulness for. A smoothed and polished stone that her older brother had given her before leaving for war. It had been engraved with the words, ‘I’ll return for you’ and she believed in it every day until he died. After the funeral, she couldn’t find the stone. It had disappeared along with her brother. Her…[Read more]

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    They seemed to blame me for everything that I did. My father’s death. After that, there was no relenting. I had to get out of the house. Onto the street. Away from their ugly wrath that managed to strangle me at every turn, every chance.

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    The color shone brightly as they put the ring onto my finger. “This ring was your father’s, Jarrod. When he was king, nothing could hurt anyone. He’d wear that ring everyday as he lived to be the protector of the city.”

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    When we were younger, it was the two of us playing together, every day. Both your parents and mine said that we were destined to be together. Is it true? I still think about us everyday, unknowing of how, if we’d let it be, it would have ended for us. Now, though, I’m sitting on the windowsill, waiting for the right time to escape.

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    We ride across the flat terrain, to the small, cozy place called home. Mother is cooking something sweet inside the kitchen, and you say, “Whoever gets home last is the field mouse for dinner!”

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    You try your best to keep their attention as your friend, Blake, takes the bracelet from the table. Sure it was someone else’s, but you figured that they didn’t need the money if they could afford that.
    The thing was, though, it was a gift from her father before he passed. Her family didn’t have money, and it was all she had left of him.

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    It’s the odd feel of the ragged horse’s neck as you ride on with only a pack of food, a blanket, extra jacket, and two bottles of water, trying to get as far away from home as you can.
    You shift in the saddle, now suddenly uncomfortable from the long journey. It’s time to rest.

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    They had her pinned up against the wall, but her legs were still kicking wildly at her kidnappers. It was dark, and she knew all too well that she was outnumbered. But still, she tried. And she tried.