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    a broken-hearted carpenter. a lost child. an enigmatic dreamer. they’d grabbed on and she’d fought to keep them from crashing off the ledge. they were her savings. pieces of heartache, abandoned dreams, buried memories. at the end of day, she was a pauper.

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    it had been a love hate affair.

    she loved the way he had softened over time, moulded himself to her curves. the way his rough edges now gently held her together on days when her insides threatened drown out the world. how he knew and touched parts no one else ever had. and how he now fit only her.

    she hated that her growth slowly tore him…[Read more]

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    i am slowly learning

    that conviction is not always a bold sergeant, purposefully marching forward, methodically taking down whatever is in his path.

    sometimes it the surprising humming rising out of the rubble, the gentle lifting of weight on shoulders, and Your still, small voice, whispering, “well done”.

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    “but i’ve been so flexible” you said.

    and i couldn’t deny it.

    you’d wound yourself around me, closely following my every whim, continuously changed shapes in an attempt to seep into the crevices of my being.

    yes. you had been flexible.

    perhaps the cage you’d put me in me was less conventional than a standard metallic one, but it was a…[Read more]

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    to admit that you make me so
    would be to admit
    you have my heart in your hands.

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    you’d always complimented my math notes
    and my clear, unbroken lines
    always earned your praise.

    so it shouldn’t have surprised either of us
    when i brought sharpened graphite to paper
    and firmly etched a clear radius around my heart.

    i was only trying to protect myself
    after all, we’d marvelled together
    at the unyielding nature of a…[Read more]

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    the deep baseline
    snakes through my core
    as your words of ecstasy
    fill me giddy shakes.
    your mouth words at me

    i can’t hear a thing

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    all i can remember
    is the warmth of your arms
    and the musky scent of pine
    in your patient embrace

    your heart was always blurry to me
    and i wonder
    if the cold wouldn’t bite so hard
    if i had never rested in your arms

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    the old crosswalk was ever fickle.
    somedays, it chirped
    others its blinking light stuttered.

    the old crosswalk was ignored.
    it barely commanded the respect of the passing traffic.
    to cross was to attempt walking on water

    the old crosswalk was barely a crossing
    but i always crossed

    it was the only way to reach

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    your hook
    wedges itself into my very core

    i wish i could hate you for piercing my heart
    but i’d be dead

    if you hadn’t pulled me out of the water

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    f*ck everyone who kept telling him to lose weight.

    the way he saw it, the more of him there was, the harder it would be for life to suck it out. life would not wither him away.

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    sometimes i wish the journey you mapped out for me was on level ground. especially when my calves ache from incline, and the oxygen starts to thin. or when jagged tree branches send me careening to the rugged earth.

    could you not have stuck to rolling drumlins? it would have been easier to see the path, to see you.

    yet i continue to walk,…[Read more]

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    he wondered how they ever did it.

    he couldn’t stop himself from
    seeing untold stories in the patterns of the scuff marks on the subway floor
    or hearing symphonies of longing in every rainfall.
    and every word he inhaled was elixir
    or poison.

    did the rest of the world just close their eyes to it all?

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    thin wooden beams groan under our weight
    and i think back to physics class
    what was the best way to bear weight?
    you certainly were never very good at supporting us

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    you skim across
    gilded lakes
    your feathery touch
    etching impressions, connections
    on the crystalline surface of your canvas

    others marvel at your masterpiece
    and you are a master

    as you skim over
    drowning hands
    your silent judgement
    leaving lacerations, punishment for “forgiven” altercations
    crushing what you would…[Read more]

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    thin, rough fabric
    knocks my knees together
    as metallic links
    bite my palms.
    the intensity increases
    the higher I go.

    the wooden crossing
    from which we fought giants
    and conquered trolls
    groans, unsteady
    under my weight.
    and i am afraid.

    and the empires!
    oh those kingdoms
    which were so easy to
    benevolently mould
    now wedge…[Read more]

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    she mesmerized him
    from the moment he laid eyes on her

    in the flickering screen he found

    so every day he sat at her feet
    and fled the cinema of his life

  • S commented on the post, bourbon 5 years, 11 months ago

    you seared my throat
    as whiskey
    as i lost my senses
    floating in your haze.

    then you entrenched
    your thorns into me
    as i leaned in
    captured by your scent & gaze.

    rose, whiskey
    what did it matter when
    i was simply a way to pass the days.
    if only it hadn’t mattered to me

  • S commented on the post, sniper 5 years, 11 months ago

    how was i supposed to have known
    that you who
    crouched low,
    looking me in the eye,
    only meant to shoot a bloody hole
    right in my head and heart?

    bang bang!
    how was i supposed to have known?

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    unexpected moments
    under alley streets
    uncertain questions
    trampled under harried feet

    a last minute request
    incited a hopeful beat
    followed by an unspoken inquiry
    you were supposed to meet

    a test, a measure,
    was is so wrong
    to safeguard the treasure?
    was passing
    such an impossible feat?