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    I always sought out all the different things in the world. The sea was so blue and the land behind me so green. Venture out a little further and you’d see tall structures of grey metal jetting into the sky. Men always had a way of mocking God. But as I grew older, I realized those differences weren’t real. We’re all the same at night laying asleep.

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    We ran through the sections after each other. We didn’t take time to appreciate the monsters and the history that surrounded us, but we didn’t care. We loved having our fun despite our teacher’s condemnation. But I always thought to myself that we only live once and rather then look at those who already did […]

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    We need Styrofoam! The packages have to arrive safely, in mint condition, in the hands of those who need them! The only way to insure that they get satisfaction and remain happy is to pack them with Styrofoam! Get as much Styrofoam as you can get and we’ll get as much profit as we want!

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    I remember throwing away styrofoam that day. It was in the kitchen and I was getting late for work. The boss would have my head if I was late again. I grabbed the white cardboard and hurled it outside the window where it fell into my backyard. I was cursed. I was immortal. I looked […]

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    The piece of styrofoam sat on the chair, perfect and pure. Everyone had touched it from the manager to the cashier. It was intended to be thrown out and all of its cousins found themselves in the trashcan, waiting to go to their new home in the landfill tomorrow by sunrise. But here, it was […]

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    He gave farewell to the village and took to the one place that he had always wanted to be. The sea would be his new home for a few months. He would learn to be alone, to think and wait and be patient. The sea would be his only friend and in it, he knew […]