• A Tree Hugger commented on the post, globe 4 years, 10 months ago

    This is a funny word, and somehow I can’t think of a single inspiring thought id want to put on a page and proudly show to anyone.
    And that, in a nutshell, is writers block.
    Or depression.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, rivalry 5 years ago

    One punch, and he was out. The other guy, the one who had been punched, was fine (more or less), but that didn’t mean he could stay in my house.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, complicated 5 years ago

    Complications are in everyone’s day to day life. A quote I love is: “Every plan is a prayer to Father Time”- at least, I think that’s how it went. I’m too tired to think; life is filled with complications.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, eleven 5 years ago

    Eleven days is all it took for me to have my view of one person altered completely. In the beginning, he was my best friend, instantly. That soon changed when someone I trusted, although didn’t particularly like at the time, admitted to me he had been saying the most unforgivably nasty accusations behind my back. He still hasn’t removed the knife.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, oak 5 years ago

    “..The mighty oak tree was once a nut like me.” is the tail end of, by far, one the most inspiring quotes to me. I’m a nut, and I am mighty proud to be one. In fact, I wish more nuts would stand up to join the fight against lazy squirrels that want to eat us, rather than hear what we have to say.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, transform 5 years ago

    The transformation that took place in the time span of a single day was immense. She didn’t know whether it was for the better, not yet; but regardless, it had happened. Never again will she cry over something so minuscule such as love.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, sympathy 5 years ago

    No sympathy is felt for the one standing on stage. Tomatoes are being thrown, and laughter cruelly surrounds her smal, now crying frame.

  • A Tree Hugger commented on the post, static 5 years ago

    The static cling of her skin to mine was inescapable. I needed to be there, as I had no choice in the matter; I was stuck. Knowing this, she used my plight in her favor.
    In doing so, I assumed I was her favorite. Her favorite what, though?
    Unfortunately, I recently acquired the answer I dreaded: I was her pet.