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    I trekked the globe, searching for an answer. After a decade, I came up blank. Nothing. What was I to do? I’d traveled to each of my dream destinations, hoping whatever I was looking for would find me. So far I had had no luck. What I did have, however, was happiness and love.

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    Devastated. I had never been more devastated than the moment you told me the truth. Everything you’d been through, how could I not have known? You hid it from me. I could’ve helped you. Was I that stupid? Did you not trust me? I am here for you. Open your eyes as I have opened my arms and heart. Come here and let me love you back to health.…[Read more]

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    “It was a one-time thing. It won’t happen again!” I looked at her unamused. “Do you really think I’m that stupid? Do you think Im so blind that I couldn’t see what you were doing all along?” You sneak in every night when mom and dad are asleep. I can smell it. You’re disgusting.” “You’re not perfect you know? I’m not stupid either. I know all…[Read more]

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    I flattened against the wall, struggling to stay silent. The slightest sound would alert them. Them. The same atrocities that orphaned me, the same heartless monsters that dismembered my life with their bare teeth, the same people I was destined to kill.

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    Our footsteps echoed against the house’s barren walls. We made our way through the skeleton and found ourselves in the backyard. The morning dew was still glistening on each blade of grass. The grand magnolia tree had me in a state of hypnosis. I sprinted towards the wonder. “Babe, be careful!” But I was already on the ground, laughing at my…[Read more]

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    “Come on, just do it.” I stood only inches away from the line. If I idled around any longer I would lose my mind wondering what lay ahead of me, but if I crossed it, I might never come back. Was I really ready to leave it all behind? I closed my eyes and juggled the possibilities. “I told you she wouldn’t do it. She always follows the rules.” I…[Read more]

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    Sometimes you have to be flexible. You can’t expect everything to go your way. You have to accept the fact that it is your life, but every aspect of your life cannot be controlled by You. The twists and turns are what make life interesting. Regardless of what path you end up on, remember that being just a little flexible makes the taking it all in…[Read more]

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    I don’t think the word is enough. Nothing will ever be enough. You’ve given me life, happiness, strength, the will to push past my own limitations. When I fell, you reached out your hand and pulled me to my feet. When the pieces of me were scattered, shattered into microscopic, irreparable pieces, you somehow found a way to reassemble me. When I…[Read more]

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    I caught you frowning and sighed. I just couldn’t understand. How could you not love yourself? You are everything good in the world, and yet you feel like nothing. Why? I demand to know who made you believe this lie. I’m going to help you rewrite your story and find love for yourself.

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    Don’t wait for him to sweep you off your feet. The roles have been reversed. If you want him, you get him. If you’re waiting for the wind to sweep you up and blow you to your new destination, you are already at fault. You must run against the wind, go against the rules, and do what makes you happy. Do not let your life be decided for you. Go out…[Read more]

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    Humid is a step foot outside the front door of your home. Humid is laying in a steaming bath too long. Humid is being so close to someone you feel their body heat, you absorb it, and then you give it back to them. Humid is not always bad, but it is in Houston.

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    You’re glowing. You are radiating happiness, and as each second passes I am falling more and more in love with you. Your smile is contagious and your touch, mesmerizing. But what fascinates me most about you is your presence. You step into a room and immediately it lights up. You pull me in like gravity, and I don’t fight it. I go with the flow…[Read more]

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    He lifter her up and wiped her tears. “It’s going to be okay,” he assured her. She pushed him even further away and spat back, “What am I? Your charity case? Just leave me alone.” He tried to reach for her, but she was already too far away to bring back.

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    I should’ve fled when I had the chance. I knew that if I kept this going on any longer I would regret it. I should’ve shielded myself from the truth, but the truth never remains in hiding. I should’ve known better than this. I had the chance, but it was inevitable.

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    I used to dream of being a pediatrician. I wished nothing more than that. But then I continued onto middle school and high school and I realized it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to risk it. I could possibly waste 10+ years of my life to find out it was not the career I wanted. So in conclusion- I left my pediatrician dream behind out of fear

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    He thought it was only a cup, but it was more than that, much more. He was intoxicated by eight, nine, ten pints. He was impaired and nobody could stop him. He grabbed his keys and drove away furiously. Less than seven miles into his drunken drive, he struck a vehicle and both drivers were killed immediately. The pint sized hands and feet…[Read more]

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    I was already late, and to make matters worse, it was raining mercilessly. Three blocks to go, two, one, half a block. I could see the metro bus spitting smoke out and preparing to leave me behind. I had to make it to that interview. As the doors began closing, he clumsily tumbled down the bus’ steps. I forgot about everything for a moment: the…[Read more]

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    We’re drifting apart and we both feel it. Yet we’re just sitting here letting it happen. Our friendship was supposed to be eternal. Why do I feel it nearing the end? I don’t understand. Sure, we’re both growing older, and maybe the age difference is finally catching up to us. Nobody could break us apart before. We told each other everything,…[Read more]

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    The clutter of cutlery, each piece melted and molded into a certain shape but after time becomes damaged. The tines of a fork twist every which way. The spoon’s neck is bent back too far. The knife has lost its poignance. Each utensil, regardless of its current condition, still serves a purpose. It is still part of the cutlery.

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    I couldn’t stop myself. I was gazing into his soul. I think he caught me once or twice. Oh well, nothing stays a secret for long.