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    The shutters are covered in peeling paint, one hanging, threatening to fall right off. He shutters his eyes, willing away the instincts to imagine ghosts where there aren’t any.

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    Patch it up, bit by bit. All the holes in his being, caused by her presence. He should fix them– no, they add character… He can’t decide what to do.

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    His hand clamped down, fingers inadvertently digging into her arm. “Don’t go, please,” he said. “I need your help.” He look even paler than usual, and his eyes were wide in desperation.
    “Okay,” she said, heart beating wildly, “I’ll stay with you tonight, you’re going to be all right. Just breathe, okay? Breathe.”

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    He knows that she know and they both keep wondering why the other doesn’t do anything about it, the elephant in the room. “Their relationship is deteriorating, a friend observes, and apparently they want to stand there and watch it wither.” But the truth is that they are paralyzed by fear.

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    The people scattered in front of him like so many particles of light, spinning and racing away. He couldn’t see through the glitter in his eyes; maybe they were just dancing. The drums behind him vibrated in his ears.

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    Skin as soft as silk. Eyes like dark chocolate. Lips like strawberries. And oh, the dirt that stains them. In a voice of velvet, no less. You are an enigma. I think I know everything.

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    Like a poison you seep through my veins, permeating every part of me. Like a poison you’re insidious, dark, cunning. Like a poison you taste bitter on my lips. Like a poison you sting my heart. Like a poison you seize my mind.
    You’re killing me, but I don’t want to purge you.

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    Photo booth phone booth restaurant booth. Small places where secret things can happen. Anonymity.
    He sat in the booth, way back in the dark, and observed people. It was boring at first, but soon he latched onto individuals that were interesting in the little quirks that they thought went unnoticed.

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    “Feel my wrath,” he proclaimed, laughing maniacally. She just eyed him sideways. “Seriously?” she said. “You’re about as wrathful as a teddy bear.” “Ah, but you see,” he replied, “there’s lots of nasty things teddies can get up to. Haven’t you seen the– the, uh– the music video? You know, the one by Muse…” And […]

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    Always forgotten. Every single time. He’d go to sing the words, get two lines in and then nothing. He regretted it, their collaboration. He could no longer sing those songs that her words were woven into now that he’d left her. He’d forever have a reminder of their long relationship; there was no escaping what […]

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    All around him is a wasteland, dusty and dry. It’s his mind; he’s trapped in his own head, searching for meaning. He needs water to quench the drought of his inspiration but he finds none. Until he digs deep into the ground and finds her, glowing with everything he’s tried so hard to repress. She […]

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    They’re all there watching. And he knows he shouldn’t, but he looks for the one face he’d like to see, ignoring all others, not that they’d notice. He is singing and moving, doing his job, but he sings the words more strongly than ever; if she’s there, she’ll know. If she isn’t, maybe he’ll summon […]

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    Grasping. Trying to catch any moment he can with her. She floats, shimmering, in his vision like the mystical being he sometimes believes she is. He knows not why she captivates him so, only that she does. He’s not obsessed. He tells himself that many times, trying to make it true. **** She’s afraid. Afraid […]

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    Ah, J’adore. Sweet and smooth, makes me smile. Stand upon stand, myriad treats mounted in an array of hearts and red. Truffles, bars, brownies, cookies, ice cream. Creamy, melty, dark, milk, white. A river, a mountain a cascade of delights. I have sweet teeth, not just a sweet tooth. Alas, my skin rebels mightily against […]

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    It was like a thousand needles in his brain. He clutched at his head, nearly doubling over. There was too much noise, too much *everything*, and his senses were overloading. He had to get out. He ran, blindly, until his legs and lungs burned and he collapsed against a tree in the park. Breathing in […]

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    “You’re such a coward,” she said, so sharply it could have cut him. He didn’t bleed, though, so he thought he was okay. But he wasn’t. Because the thing of it was, she was right, and he knew that. It didn’t make it hurt any less.

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    She had a special fragrance about her– roses, maybe, or lavender. And then there was a scent that had no name, that was uniquely hers, and he longed for it. He’d lent her shirts, sometimes, and gloves (she liked the fingerless ones), and once that leather jacket he wore onstage. And when he got them […]

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    A lean, mean fighting machine. Some words evoke cliches, others don’t. When a word has more than one meaning, it’s great. But which meaning to choose first?

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    His heart dropped into his stomach, then shot up into his throat. She was here. There in the crowd, looking right at him. He’d never once lost his cool onstage; suddenly he was dangerously close to losing it. So he looked away, closed his eyes, concentrated on the lyrics, and when he looked back and […]

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    I have lots. A sister, a brother, three aunts, three uncles, approximately eight cousins, my grandmother from my mother’s side, and a second cousin… twice or first removed, I can’t remember. I always mix up that part.