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    Right now at 5:45 am in the morning I am listening to the band Chicago because a member of my Family mentioned that he had been listening and had been very touched. Also the word band reminds me of band of brothers not just the tv show but that is what we are as a […]

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    Thunder is something that is large, something that is powerful and loud and can change all our senses momentarily. The sound cis also soothing and relaxing and doesn’t actually show up in my life as much as I would like. Thunder makes me reember being a kid and playing in the rain and running down […]

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    Lightning, the first thought that comes is about thunderstorms and lightening in the sky. However quickly the second thought came that looked like lightning the load being a lighter person not having so much heaviness around me. This is something that would be nichave since mainly I feel heavy

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    Amost is a wod that is used alot to describe something that was meant to be done but isn’t. So it’s probably not very helpful to getting things done and probably not a word that people that like to get things done like to say or hear. I almost never get anything done…yeah sure somethings […]

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    Let’s see this is now working there was some problem with compatibility view and now that seems to be fixed but I am currently on the 3rd attempt to write about coward and now i am looking at the screen to see what comes up the first writing was the best because there was no […]