• Josh commented on the post, dealer 5 years, 11 months ago

    Dealer of problems. That’s what his work is, to deal with problems other than his own. When wa sthe last time he looked on his own worries? He’s a selfless friend, often running to help when needed…

  • Josh commented on the post, spiral 6 years ago

    My life is going maybe in a spiral. Down and down until I reach the end of a spiral with no end. But what is the easiest way up a spiral? Through the middle. And so I’ll pass through the middle and someday be better and make my parents proud of me.

  • Josh commented on the post, wavelength 6 years ago

    Is light a wavelength? Maybe our life is just a wavelength of we look at it, and we are riders journeying to our destination which are light years away. So near, yet so far.

  • Josh commented on the post, third 6 years ago

    Third in my life. My mom’s the first. Dann, the second. Who is the third most important girl in my life. I have no sister. How I wish it would be my daughter. Oh, how I want to have a beautiful adorable daughter, who has her eyes, her face, so beautiful. An angel. But not anytime soon. :)

  • Josh commented on the post, unplanned 6 years ago

    This writing is unplanned. This life of mine is unplanned. I don’t have a clear path that I can see ahead of me. It’s like I’m a really organized person, one who believes in preparing before acting things out, yet I’m also the type who just, “YOLO”. :)

  • Josh commented on the post, buyer 6 years, 1 month ago

    We’re all buyers at some point in our lives. We buy things. We use money. We run out of money. Then we have some more, but have less.

  • Josh commented on the post, beforehand 6 years, 2 months ago

    Shit. Time was running. I didn’t know this was to be timed beforehand. All I wanted was to write. But I have trouble getting the words out. I have trouble creating them, weaving them into phrases and sentences that actually make sense.