• Joshua commented on the post, chivalry 6 years, 2 months ago

    He held her gently in his arms
    in the way that you would expect
    all knights to do so
    except the only thing
    that kept him
    from all the other knights
    wasn’t the fact that
    he had slain the dragon
    he slain her as well.

  • Joshua commented on the post, solution 7 years ago

    I thought I would have it by now.
    You know, the answer, the solution
    And that’s why I used to love math so much
    because most of the time, there’s an obvious way to solve
    the problem
    to find
    your solution
    I guess the way the world works isn’t a lot like math
    we get so many factors
    that we don’t consider
    and we don’t consider the…[Read more]

  • Joshua commented on the post, bury 7 years ago

    I want to do this, with so many of my secrets.
    The ones that I’ve kept from my family, friends, lovers, hookups, etc.
    And then I think of what secret hasn’t been told.
    I’ve shared it with at least one other […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, mass 7 years ago

    So much production!
    But is it how much it weighs
    or how much it’s worth?
    And how do I know what it’s really worth?
    To me
    To you
    To He
    To She
    To US
    Mass, unaccordingly to science
    Doesn’t really stay […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, happy 7 years ago

    We could have been, don’t you remember?
    I remember that we were
    because I could see us being happy together
    I said to you
    and that was when you began to cry
    because you could see it too
    but I won’t know
    I […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, possible 7 years ago

    I like to think of what lies in the realm of possibility, because everything that doesn’t…

    Well, it doesn’t exist.

    I like thinking that anything is possible, or at least the younger version of myself who […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, signs 7 years ago

    I should look for them, you know? Or maybe it’s because I’m always looking for them that I can’t tell when they actually just ARE. I guess that’s symbolism, looking too hard for something that’s already in front […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, hundred 7 years ago

    I’d run them
    just to find you
    But what’s in a number?
    A picture’s worth a thousand
    There’s only one
    of you
    Whom I haven’t yet met
    But it feels like my numbers and dwindling
    for you.

  • Joshua commented on the post, help 7 years ago

    I need somebody!
    They would always sing
    But I’d always mean

    Not just anybody!
    It’s so true!

    Can anybody find me
    Somebody to love?

  • Joshua commented on the post, affairs 7 years ago

    At least you could have one.
    Actually, you’d have two.
    Or more.


    I mean,
    Can’t you share?
    Oh wait, you are
    But not with me.
    Go figure that life
    and relationships

    Would turn out […]

  • Joshua commented on the post, before 7 years ago

    A reference point to


    The time that used to be
    never will be again
    and you could only hope for


  • Joshua commented on the post, patrol 7 years, 3 months ago

    There’s a cop car who’s making me pull over, and my girfriend (at the time) panics a bit, wondering what could possibly be going wrong, not that we were drinking and driving just summer cruising at a very young […]