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    “You saying I can dodge bullets?” – NEO
    Wouldn’t that be pretty cool? If we could actually dodge bullets. That would also be a little scary too for those that abuse the power.
    “Why is everyone sitting on the floor?” –
    another movie with Keanu Reeves haha I like movies

  • “You’re such a lightweight!”Yeah I have to agree with that statement. I feel like it was always a prideful thing for guys to brag about how much they can drink. I never fell into that category. I knew I got drunk easily and was pretty open about it.

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    “Special Deliver for Whitie Duval!” This is the line from one of my favorite movies as a kid. Well, I was in junior high I believe, they’re still kids right? Anyway, I remember laughing so hard during the movie I farted, loudly too. If it hadn’t been for everyone else’s laughter the entire theater probably would have heard it.

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    One time an old friend of mine quoted a movie, I believe it was the 40 year old virgin. But, he said, “You got to use your peripherals!” whenever looking at women or scouting around. I’m not sure why I thought it was funny. It kind of was. I mainly laughed because of his tone of voice. Still friends with that guy.