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    We paddled down the chilly river, passing chunks of ice left over from this year’s harsh winter. As we drifted closer to our docking point, we spotted a lone Emperor penguin standing at the edge of the icy bank. He waved enthusiastically at us and dove into the frigid water.

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    There was an old man at the end of my street. He stood still, in a grey hat, looking down toward the tube station. As I got closer I could see what he held clutched in his hand. I doubled back and swiftly sped across the dead flowerbed in my neighbour’s yard, into the alley between the Georgian townhouses.

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    Fancy hats and lace gloves nodded and waved. Is it plausible that a story starting with flamboyant fashion accessories can lead a reader into a dark, impossible untruth? Such a serious sentiment delicately and purposefully iced with feathered caps and white tea gloves.

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    Show me the world seen from the stars. Life here is too small and dysfunctional. It must be peaceful up in the sky.

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    I don’t like this word. It reminds me of pampered rich folk who sit around all day on an island with cucumbers in their eyes. With nothing better to do. I’m sure it’s relaxing, and they deserve some “me” time, but […]

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    There is no backspace bar for life, unfortunately. But, I suppose, it’s for the best, because we can’t move forward when we’re still dwelling on the past. Yes, you make mistakes and have regrets, but don’t we all? […]

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    On Saturday, normal life will return. I’m going home, after three months of living in a dream. This dream world in London, one of the most thrilling cities on planet Earth, will be but a memory. What will home be like? Will I feel empty and irrelevant in this strange, familiar place? See only hollow […]

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    He stared at me for a long time. I watched his narrowed eyes, his tense mouth, his flared nostrils. I didn’t say a word. Suddenly, he was there, grasping my upper arms tightly. His eyes flashed red for a second, and then they softened. His face relaxed as he gazed down at me. But before […]

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    My grandmother shuffled the deck as I watched. She did it swiftly and with precision, so that the cards blurred together in her wrinkly hands. She set the deck in front of me on the table. I split the deck and she dealt out eleven cards for progressive rummy; she never gets tired of it, […]

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    I hate mushy. Needy, pleading, cutesy. Man up. Let me give chase. If I really like you, my heart will take me. The chase is the best part of falling for you.

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    The way love is supposed to be. Like vines growing and reaching and entwining. Mutual love. But when it’s just one tall flower growing and reaching, there’s no love; just waiting.

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    “It’s a mystery,” he said.
    “What is?”
    “The whole reason I’m here. The reason I’m not far, far away by now. Why I have this incessant feeling that I am only worth anything when I’m in this place.”

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    My life. My home. Where I go. Beauty is all around me, in every setting. Sometimes you need to see through the concrete and dust to find it, but it’s there. Giving everyone hope of love and life.