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    I went to the bank and I took our sixty dollars. She was waiting for me at the restaurant, the waitress. I gave her my phone as collateral. I had no idea it was a cash only joint! How embarrassing. I guess it’s a good thing I got stood up.

  • Jordan Price commented on the post, seated 5 years, 4 months ago

    Finally, they seated me. The eggplant (literally little eggplants) print on the chairs was distracting, and I missed it when the nurse told me it was time for my appointment.

  • He presented me with the medal of honour; his esteemed judges were his feelings of excited nervousness and the crumpled corners of his nice guy act. The dye of my incredible corruption was visibly creeping up through the veins of his tissue paper soul. All he had to do was dip himself in, only for an instant.

  • Decorated, we stepped out onto Station Boulevard. We had more triangles on our clothing than we could count, and our sweaters were those type that look like they were bought on a Mexican vacation. Hipster was our […]

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    Crews of minions flew out of the sky carried by large plasmic sheets of interstellar gunk. None of this made any sense to the New Yorkers and was therefore ignored. Everybody went on with their days, the aliens’ […]

  • She rang me up, and I bolted down to the street, intending to catch a cab to the plaza she lived near. As I left the elevator, I came across the manager, whose face was sporting a rather smug look. As I went for […]

  • Only the most fragile of bandages could have saved her from the wound that had severed the connection between her conscious mind and her instinctual soul.

  • Adviser spirits hang around this house of ash. Their ultraviolet glows cast unnoticeable shadows on my conscience and tell me what to do. I know this but I’ve never noticed. I don’t know how to stop them, and I […]

  • Could ignorant suggestions be worse than itchy silence? We’ll scratch out the quiet and it’s done but the ignorance will linger forever.

  • her ring finger was all that was recovered. the rest had been obliterated by the enormous turbine while her son, Rosalind’s grandfather, watched in shock and ashamed wonder. years later, Rosalind still hasn’t been […]

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    There’s a bucket there with my name on it, literally and figuratively. Its contents are a scorpion and its prey, which I have supplied; today it’s a grasshopper. It’s my pet, and has been since my eleventh […]