• Hands and arms were soaked to the bone. It’d been weeks since they last had money, and since he left the food had run out. Frowning, his lover told him not to do as normal, but to keep to simplicity of the housewife. His housewife one day.

  • Littering the streets of a well worn town were markets and merchants abound. Footsteps kicking up dust as small puppies ran in and out of the people’s legs, playing and pouncing as if not a care in the world.

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    After only being by his side for a year or two, never had hey seen each other’s true smile. But in the midst of swirling gowns and a kept promise, even the sun didn’t shine as brightly.

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    After many weeks in the searing dry heat, uptop creatures he feared the most, they came to a small watering hole where shade came down in shelter. Without it, his last few months would have been much shorter.

  • Never heard of such a thing, never been on a boat. Though he grew up on the coast where the oranges grew the sweetest. The ocean was something foreign and warned of, not many on the village would travel so far.

  • Running through alleys with screams and flames chasing, each building’s corners passing by, ticking the seconds of freedom away. They had not reached their salvation yet, and here in this maze of a town was where, like the stone that made up the buildings, their headstones would lie.

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    The thought had skimmed his mind more than once and bad feelings were not to be left or ignored. This place was cold and had history, of something that made a beast of rage build in his gut.

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    Clinking and clanking were the only noises that filled the hollow hall. Broken stares aimed at half filled plates with pain and regret soaked in their eyes. This time they lost too much and the smell of dinner in front of them was enough to make their stomachs turn.

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    Their only hope was the find the myth of eternal life. And in that myth led the salvation of one, an end to the pain and suffering to the monster that lurked in his belly. But shadows and betrayal stood in the way of the two and their hope.

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    After countless battles and countless wounds, by his side is where his soldier sat. Nervous twiddling and worried glances. Would his protected one ever wake again? Was this battle his last. But he did it all for love.

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    After exhausting their final coin, the younger brought up going back to old ways. But his bodyguard shook with anger at the mere thought someone might touch what was his in a way only he should know.

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    The moisture soaked through his shoes as every step he took was in puddles of rain water, filling up more as the drops fell. This town he had known and grew up in was in ruins.

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    … just a dash of paprika. The kind that came from the Homeland, over boat in your great-grandmother’s suitcase. It was real and wholesome, something you cannot find in a grocery store jar.

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    Town central where the most fantastical of markets were held. One night the streets lit ablaze by starlight, we danced in fluid motion with the smell of strawberry cake in the air.

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    His hoodie was the only thing left of him. But through it I could still feel him; his warmth, his smell. You wouldn’t be coming back, but at least in clothing form you’ve stayed.

  • Another night, tossing turning, eyes burning.
    Walls damp with darkness, and silence so loud.
    When the sun rises, only coffee can save me, maybe help my eyes to stop aching.

  • Click clack click clack.
    It echoed through the hollow room. Nothing left there but dust. Sitting on an old apple box, she stowed away a typewriter so that maybe her memory would live on.

  • Today the heat wave hit, making the smallest and driest of branches ignite into flame. As the sun set and the moon shown, a red cast filled the sky with small dancing embers that shown brighter than the stars.

  • The shutter are as cold and abrasive as I remember. An old abandoned house where board come loose at the seams. Where winds blow through like ice. This place was never a home.