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    Swaying palms, the image of Hawaii. Wahine in hula skirts swaying to ukulele music under those palms. Oh, did I mention the traffic? Hours of it. Did I mention the over-development with no compensatory increase in infrastructure? Identical dull-painted houses crammed close together, shades of gray, and much smaller apartments with tiny kitchens…[Read more]

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    The doctor explained the details (how much pain, chance of success, things that could go wrong) of the operations. The mother shifted in her chair, looking alternately alarmed, resigned, or pissed off, but always looking in much more grievous pain than the worst pain the operation would bring. The daughter, aka the patient, wasn’t listening. Her…[Read more]

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    She wants to qualify everything she said in the faculty meeting. Like, after what she said to the Dean of Faculty, she should have qualified it by adding, “I didn’t mean you were unethical. Never in a million years. I just meant that some person–possibly a serial klller on Death Row–would have called you unethical. And I meant to qualify it by…[Read more]

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    Penelope sat at the loom. She hated to weave but she hated the absence of Odysseus more. She couldn’t choose the colors: hours of indecision. Her hands, especially as the years passed, hardened with arthritis bumps. Weaving one inch of material meant hours of torment. She used hot poultices and icy water to reduce the pain. And then she went back…[Read more]

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    Swifter than moonlight on a foggy night
    Swifter than sunlight when the clouds are nigh
    I left you once you said we’re not right
    I left you swifter than an eagle can fly.

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    The new woman in our social circle is an ornament unto herself. Her face is round and rosy, her hair is a blur of blonde, her body is long and lithe. She could be a runner, or swimmer, or a hiker of mountains. Mainly she stays quiet and laughs her quiet laugh and draws in the men, all of them. It’s like she’s still nineteen but she must be at…[Read more]

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    Gingerbread houses are a waste of good food. Putting world class wine into gravy is a waste of good wine. Not saying one word to me through dinner was a waste of a golden opportunity. I’m home now. I’m wasted.

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    banking yet again. with the stock market descending so rapidly, the man contemplates robbing a bank. it won’t be the first time, but he has forgotten to see the new Robert Redford movie about an elderly man who kept robbing banks in the most nice, most civil, most heartwarming way. so he doesn’t know exactly how to do it. the last time he robbed a…[Read more]

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    Why are you sending me to banking when I needed non-fatal auto accidents? Never mind. Banking, it is. I was banking, however, on auto accidents. Non-fatal, of course. Had it been a fatal accident, I wouldn’t be writing here. My family would have been calling undertakers and asking for the cheapest coffin possible. As it is, however, it’s my car…[Read more]

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    All that jazz about jazz. I’ve been to jazz clubs. In my day, they were smoky. Crowded. Noisy with people talking despite the guys playing up on stage. I always hoped one of those guys would pick me up after the set was finished. They were mobbed by women after and I couldn’t join a mob. Or wouldn’t. I’m fonder of Golden Oldies and Soft Rock but…[Read more]

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    He is related to Dracula, she’s sure of it. So why is she on this date? She’s trying to find the good side of everything and everyone. She’s embraced sunshine, happiness and optimism as her core values. She knows Dracula will see that in her, respect it, and not harm her in any way. Guess what? She’s wrong.

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    Is that ISIS or oasis? Such polar opposites. My daughter is my oasis. My grandson is my oasis. My granddaughter is my oasis. My writing is my oasis. My good friends are my oasis. I’ve just never seen an oasis in the desert. I would like to live in one. For a New York minute. Oh, I think I do live in one. Hawaii. Surprise. They can get quite boring.

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    This girl I was trying to get to open up, to talk to me, whose sister had been raped and murdered, she had built up a barrier between herself and the world. It wasn’t just me, it was everyone. She’d dropped her friends, she wouldn’t talk to her parents, she stopped going to school. When she was forced to go, she stayed mute in class, in the…[Read more]

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    She gives me the grand tour of her castle like any bona fide princess would do. Proudly she announces her castle has 45 rooms. “We’re small,” she says, “But we’re pure gold. Ten bathrooms, 9 with solid gold fixtures, one with sterling silver for the help should they need one. Fifteen bedrooms, two libraries, one for serious students, the second…[Read more]

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    So lovely if it didn’t get tarnished. I never have found the best way to clean the silverware I have. I have 4 place settings of Toll’s Old Colonial pattern, and my younger sister has 8 placement settings. From our mother. That is the dynamic of older-younger. Self-sacrifice by the older, lack of appreciation by the younger. How many times I have…[Read more]

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    She loved the moon. Her favorite nightlight. All others, even the nightlights in fancy shapes sold by fancy stories with fancy prices, they were a pale imitation of the moon. She looked for the moon every evening, adored its varying faces. She wondered how some people could not see the man in the moon once it was partially full. He was her man,…[Read more]

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    He waits for her, his cappuccino getting cold on the rickety cafe table. She’s always on time. What is wrong? Is she with another man? Was it something he said? He can’t stand much more of this. He throws the cup on the floor, cappuccino spilling everywhere. He looks at his watch. She’s now five minutes late.

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    She went down the wrong way on a one-way street. She was halfway down the one-way street, going against the traffic, although there was none, when a series of loud gunshots pierced the air. She pulled over to the sidewalk, wondering what the hell was going on. More and more bursts of noise, coming from the street one over, the one going the right…[Read more]

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    The stock market plummets; the cost of food, gas, electricity, goes up. Where does it end? Perhaps with Democrats elected two weeks from now to offset our criminal Republican government? Wake up, America. Very few people, I presume, if any, are alive to remember the Great Depression after a stock market crash in 1929. Soup lines, homelessness,…[Read more]

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    I’ve been looking at these words for three days and nothing comes into my mind. The majority of my mind is on hold. On vacation. Disappeared. I miss it, I want it back, but there’s no majority vote for its return because the majority of my mind has deserted me.
    Come back to me,
    Show up again
    and be my friend.
    Give me a call
    You…[Read more]