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    A place to write about dreams you’ve had, or your dreams for your future, any sort of dream. Whether you had it awake or asleep, on a train or in bed, don’t be afraid to share.

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  • Group logo of Active Users Of oneword
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    Please join this group if you visit oneword regularly. We have forum games, discussion threads, writing prompts etc.

    I have created this group as a hopeful means of enabling active users to meet each other, […]

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    An unofficial group for past, present, and future participants in (inter)National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo, who want to use oneword as part of their plan to keep on writing. Participants in related […]

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    Why are there no poetry groups on here? Lets write some poetry!

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    We are Harry Potter fans
    Whoever doesn’t like it is a deadman
    Lol, I’m just joking,

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    For those users of oneword who live in Massachusetts, USA.

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