• beat, time, and pulse,
    something on the side of a cup, red lines
    pouring flour, eggs, water and other

    one for one or unequal….

  • growth out of the head of a dead hill.
    something brittle in the fingers, breaking off and blowing in the wind.
    something simultaneously lonesome and full, pregnant
    with dust and sorrow.

  • bluegrass, that picking sort of sound, banjos, Appalachian mountains, and a whole boatload of history that White America don’t wanna touch. A twig in the mouth, some natural toothpick while notes trip over each other, overalls, not green grass, something Kentuckian, pure American, Wadsworth and Whitman.

  • Metal, harsh, and solid, something solid, again, paper in between two sides of pressure; physics. LIke lamp, and clamp, a light inside something that can die, be extinguished.

    Her mouth clamped into a thin line after the news, determined against tears.

  • raven, like a hair color or a woman gone mad, stark raving. Edgar Allen Poe as a bird, a perfect poet resigned to ornithological simplification…but at least the letters are even on the sides of the V, down to the distribution of vowels and consonants.