• JacobLD commented on the post, celebrity 5 years, 10 months ago

    i don’t think i’d ever really like to be a celebrity- i mean, the fame might be nice but i wouldn’t like all the attention and the cameras in my face all the time. also, i have stage freight so that wouldn’t work. though i do think that it’d be cool to know who actually likes me- how many people i will get in my following. who’s role model i’d become.

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    the robot had fallen for the shop owner’s daughter. he sat there motionless everyday, watching the beautiful girl clean the shelves and dust the counter- her glistening golden hair flowing around her. the small robot, with his gears and wind up heart could only wish for the day he would come to life and actually talk to her. but the most he could…[Read more]

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    the robber held the hostages in the living room. cops were beginning to surround the hosue and there was no longer any escape. with anxiety and strress building, the robber finally lost it. he ran out of the room and disappeared. moments later, the family heard a thud. the robber had slit his own wrists and seared the word “chosen” on the bathroom mirror.

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    he was my hero
    but he never saved anyone.
    he was simply great.

  • JacobLD commented on the post, national 6 years, 1 month ago

    what about national animals? like why do we really need them? they’re nice, but why are they so important? why can’t we have the national symbol be a loaf of bread? the swiss have a unicorn as their national animal- i want a dragon.