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    Rushing wind while she glides through the air, She dances in unique outfits no one else dares to wear. She is the most beautiful vision they have ever seen , her mind in an altered state… a real life fantasy.

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    She sat down on their bench, the one place they could always go back to and remind them that they could never stop loving each other. The rustling of leaves over on the other side of the park caught her attention, she looks up and sighs. “i cant do this” , she says to herself, […]

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    Its hard to conceal the fact , that i cant love anyone but you. Every day i can look into your eyes and smile, smile because i know in my heart your the one for me.

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    Eating his dinner trying to get over the fact that she cooks her food so bland, he forces himself to chew. Realizing how boring their relationship has gotten, he looks across the table at her and lets out a sigh.

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    To her he was a savage man , someone who needed rescuing ……. Yet she clung to hope that he would one day change for the better. Looking into the mirror she knew that she should have given up on that hope a long time ago. These painful bruises , black and blue on her […]

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    I sacrificed my heart and happiness, just to hear your sweet nothings whispering in my ear. Yet, it was not enough for the likes of you nor could I keep up this façade I was the one for you. I hoped, I wished, I needed! You to surrender to me….. if only my sacrifice was […]

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    This bright eyed girl with her face smashed up against the windowpane staring at what she longed for the most; fiddling with her fingers she worried about what to say. Much to her dismay a rush of wind flew past her scattering leaves everywhere, her mother rushed her away from the window display; her eyes […]

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    This yearning in my soul
    To become more then what is average
    Haunting me through the years collecting its toll
    Quickness of life, causing nothing but a panic

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    my starvation for life was trapped behind these bars, this invisible wall kept me from my sanity….. the past, it held me back from my future.

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    He used all his force to strike her down.
    while she lay on the floor bloody and crying.
    He felt no remorse for what he continually does to her.
    Her tears streaming , he leaves the room as if he did nothing.
    when will she (I) learn to leave?

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    He smoked his cigarette one last time, he pulled me close and pushed the cigarette deep into my heart. I felt a surge of immense pain as he laughed calling me his “bitch”… “Next time i will do more than just burn you, i will kill you if you disobey my orders”!. Teary eyed i […]

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    The radio was screeching in the background,
    while my body was wanting to explore into those other rooms, undetected.

  • Jezell commented on the post, booth 7 years, 11 months ago

    I remember the photo booth
    we filled it with laughter
    this photo that once filled me with love
    i now look upon with hate

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    Standing in the middle of two roads, this intersection made me so unsure of myself. I asked “Can someone help me, can someone show me a way?” Then out of nowhere two men came out of hiding “I hear you are in need of some help” the first man said, “you can trust me… not […]

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    Running scared, she was so ill prepared for the actions that just took place Images of lurking monsters were rampant through her puzzled brain Was this all real? Running without a pause in her movement Sounds of bells all around her Running and running with this puzzled look Was this all real? And all at […]

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    His lifeless eyes made me feel so desperate desperate to feel the love I dearly yearned for. His body moved like a robot, no life, no love I once believed he could be capable of love, His love was all i wished for This fake love towards a mechanical boy I close my eyes and […]