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    Loving someone hurts.
    But it only hurts when you expect to be loved in return.
    I don’t know where to use0 “traditional” in this.
    All I know is I’m pretty hurt inside and out.

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    Drinking ruins one’s life specially when it comes to the point of getting addicted to it. I used to drink a lot, go to parties, clubs and drink the hell out with my friends. That was way back in college though, I stopped because I’m a licensed professional now and it would be a huge mistake if it would be ruined because of drinking habits.

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    I like soda for the past couple of years, but I can’t really drink a lot of it now. I am trying to be on a healthier lifestyle right now so soda is out of my list. Damn can’t think of anything.

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    I am an Architect and I need details in my everyday life. The drawings I do needs details in order for it to be executed in the right way. I also wish to have a more detailed life as I am planning now how to live fully and happily because I am struggling so much with it.