• She cooled off because I told her too. She smiled when I looked so stern that I wondered if she was telling herself a joke. Or perhaps she was telling me a joke that she new I couldn’t here. Maybe that was the joke. I smile at the thought. Endgame.

  • “I hear the majority of the girls cannot whistle.”
    “I hate the sound of music.”
    “I won’t watch anything that doesn’t have Hepburn in it.”
    “The thermometer is simply way to high.”

  • The flames of a wild Camus from going to the fad of an in when I saw that there was a majestic feeble wanderer in the wood and I said hey you ! Please don’t go in there, and you told me that you had to and I said what can I do to change your mind, but you said that there was nothing. I’m so sorry to have let you down this way, I only wanted to…[Read more]

  • Camus sat at on the steps of the Grand Palias and watched… sketched rather economically sound equationalistically fractural grids that inherently constituted an entire solar system of plurals. What a guy.

  • Careening through the scatter brained satanic systems of the ultra-verse I asked my cat what she wanted to be called. “Cat.” She said. When I asked her why, she looked at me with curious green eyes and stood up on all four thousand of her tiny little legs and ate tuna.

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    Rivers run down the entrails of young pigs like waterloo in the wondrous woods of the wintergreen. And I sat wondering if I could smoke but the child was too young to taste the clean of the air so I thought I would wait a while. I waited and he grew from stump to tree in an instant and I cried when I saw how strong he’d become. I was floored by…[Read more]

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    Sarah Lemonia had had a painful birth. Her tenth in 20 years. She was getting old, and the baby had gotten too fat for her frail, tired body. The horns came first, followed by its big bulbous head, then the wings, then the baby.

  • The green-eyed queen looked at the little boy and asked him to answer five questions about himself and his family.

    “But I’m an orphan.” He told her.

    “I just want to know where you came from.”

    “I come from the sea.” He told her.

    His eyes flickered from green to blue to white and back…

  • The wind chimes ring a lick into my ear curve and I smile. She asked me to stop singing but I never really started. She didn’t realize it was the sound of her eyes that tinkled like music. Oh how I love her. Green eyed and perfect. Happy Birthday.

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    This can’t be happening. The donkeys at the left table are having their skin seared off with burning coils and the noise is unbearable. Really though, the girls are just singing a butchered rendition of what I think she said was a jazz tune. I don’t really know but my ears are bleeding. Kill me.

  • She wasn’t used to wearing makeup. It made her feel so old. So wrong somehow. She wasn’t sure if it made her pretty. But she was able to finger the stuff into the great big holes in her face. She smiled at the fulfillment of it.

  • “I can’t use this!” The little fiery-headed girl screamed.
    “You can. Just wait for the moment to come to you.”
    “This is so stupid.” She replied.
    “Fine. Leave it behind. You will regret it.”
    So she left it behind.
    “Oh my god.” She said.
    “I needed that.”

  • I put the cream all over my my legs. Tried to make them smooth and soft but it just kept running. I think it was because I had just been sweating all day. Damn heat. Even my hands weren’t dry anymore. I felt a suffocating, like I was breathing through a pillow. The longest summer of my life.

  • The little girl could only keep her room half clean. The rebellion of insects was lurking, and it had already crushed through her fortifications. She cleaned every day, she was a good girl. But the bugs were still there. She could hear their wings and catch their shadows on the walls. She sighed in defeat. The bugs had won.

  • The little rat saw the kitten sleeping. I’ve got him. He thought to himself. The little critter crawled between the open jaws of the tabby kitten and slinked his way into the cat’s stomach. It was only six in the morning when the little rat pushed the button on his vest, and the cat blew up.

  • Crumbling through forever fingers, I was surprised how soft you were. Your spider hands cradled the heart like a baby, and you smiled as it sifted through the open cracks.

  • It didn’t stand very tall, but it ate everything. It opened the flesh to the inner most core and slowly, cleanly, it devoured the insides and ate the dead thing inside out. When it had consumed the last fingernail, the last hair, it licked its lips and smiled.

  • Triple shot swirling around the bottom of a wine glass before I kill it with soy and stub out my cigarette that I only smoked about half way. I’m so mad at you. So much angry is swelling inside my chest and creating mucus in my throat. You made me mad baby, because I love you too hard.

  • She rode over the mountain on a stallion that reached from the golden hills to the deep plains and it made a noise that burst the eardrums of a thousand mothers and daughters until all that was left was this one beautiful woman and a thousand men.

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    Trust the yellow spotted lion lizards to tell you were the trenches shy away from the sand dunes capped with snow from the tundra but don’t trust them to tell you where the spider snakes live.