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    “Come on! You stupid computer!” Brian had absolutely no patience what so ever when it came to waiting on technology. He was the kind of guy who was used to getting everything he wanted right away.


    “AGGGHHHH” Brian said violently shaking the computer, as if somehow that would make…[Read more]

  • wealth is not what is in your bank account
    its the memories and the moments that you collect on your journey that determines what your wealth is.
    Wealth is having people you love and who love you.
    Wealth is having good food and beautiful scenery to sustain you.
    If you have these things, not millions then you are wealthy.

  • everlasting..is anything really everlasting in it’s current state? Things may last a long time but they change so is that everlasting?

  • Julie Lynn Renaud commented on the post, van 3 years, 1 month ago

    When I was a child our van was our second home. Travelling around from city to city while my brother played hockey. It was like our second home. We ate there and spent most of our family time in there. It was the first vehicle that I drove (legally) and a pain in the ass to parallel park!

  • screens to hide what people really are
    screens to divide
    screens to cover the truth?

    Who knows anymore

    all the world is screens