• Duchess commented on the post, fought 5 years ago

    i have fought the dragons inside my head, i have nailed those undertakings in the front row of the battles and i have ceased the setting of the sun, for i have triumphed over the weaknesses in me.

  • Duchess commented on the post, miraculous 5 years ago

    it was that moment when you thought you won’t have the expected answers, you lost it and suddenly you got what you’ve been looking, waiting, hoping for.
    you wont know its mechanism and how did it really happen, all you can think of is that it was something unexplained, something you call miraculous

  • Duchess commented on the post, desolate 5 years ago

    the desolate woman, keeps on looking at the mirror, she was haggard and wretched almost to the point of losing hope, yet a glimmer of a light reflection shaded her and she began to remember the day she was before.

  • Duchess commented on the post, left 5 years ago

    oh my oh my, i left that open heart at the end of the road. i looked at the right side, but all i was used to seeing was my left. it broke my expectations that i could no longer feel my left. bye left. you left me a memory. a memory i’ll never forget.