• She doesn’t get art.

    She doesn’t get the way her boyfriend can spend an entire day in an art museum, talking about how certain works of art make him feel and break down his normally passive, almost indifferent attitude toward every other aspect of the world. He just has to stop and scribble down a few lines of lyrics that popped into his head…[Read more]

  • She coils around him when asleep in bed. At least, she’s asleep. He stares up at the ceiling, counting all the parts of her that are constricting parts of him. One of her arms is thrown across his chest while the other is hooked around his elbow. One of her legs is stretches over his thighs and her foot hooks behind his knee. He wants to melt into…[Read more]

  • Every day since she fell blindly, stupidly in love with him has been like willingly stepping out of a spaceship and freefalling into the airless unknown.

  • As the minutes tick by, the car takes them further and further away from the desert, closer and closer to the end of life as they know it. The Girl sits behind the wheel. The Guy in the passenger seat. Both are sweating profusely and staring straight forward. Dead in the eyes.

    “I wish we could backtrack,” he says. “I wish we could do it right.…[Read more]

  • He has a severe case of the munchies. She can tell from the next room, wide awake in bed. He’s usually quieter, more considerate, especially when he thinks she’s asleep. Tonight, he carelessly slams cupboards and laughs at nothing and sings the songs from cereal commercials. It’d be cute, maybe, if she didn’t have 10 a.m. class and an exam to…[Read more]

  • Weathered faces lined in pain.

    That’s what she thinks when she looks at him sometimes, when he’s in one of his moods, furiously scribbling in a Moleskine notebook and spitting beats beneath his breath, in an endless state of creation. He writes and raps about the things he won’t speak of. Can’t speak of. He writes and raps about everything his…[Read more]

  • “You can’t visit New York City and not try a dirty water dog.”

    The Guy deadpans from behind his Ray-Bans. “Babe, my body is a temple.”

    “Only crispy tofu salads, coconut chai tea, gelato and vapor are worthy of entry?” she asks.

    He smiles. “And Chipotle. Burrito, white rice, black beans, carnitas–”

    She shoves a pushcart hot dog into…[Read more]

  • The one thing they have in common is that they both hate the wilderness. He’s a magnet for creepy crawly creatures and she sunburns far too easily to be out for extended periods of time. Their annoyance only grows at the laughter and chatter of his family around them, preparing for a hike.

    “Do you think Kanye hikes?” he asks.

    “Hikes up…[Read more]

  • He once told her that her lips tasted like Big Red and desperation. She told him he tasted of tuna fish and delusions. Then they traded drunken smiles and kissed again.

    (They never talk about that night, especially not with each other.)

  • He has the reverence of a sinner in a church every time he steps up onto a stage.

  • “What do you mean you’re afraid of airports? Like flying?” she asks.

    “No,” he says. “The flying I can do. It’s all that comes before it. Packing. Making sure I don’t forget anything. Then waking up to make that two hour window before the flight. Dealing with the person at the ticket counter. Going through security is another circle of hell…[Read more]

  • It was hard for her to say they were dating sometimes.

    On good days it felt like a fantasy, how he’d convince her to call in sick between quick, playful kisses and they’d have Netflix marathons that would last days, living off of whatever was in the kitchen, usually peanut butter and diet Coke. Other days it felt like they were just really…[Read more]

  • The girl can’t blame her mom for worrying about her. They’re cut from the same cloth after all. While her mom worries, the girl obsesses. She has this intensity about her and how she approaches life, an intensity that goes unrivalled by anyone else in her family, anyone she has ever met before.

    Just then her boyfriend pops into the kitchen and…[Read more]

  • “Does that boyfriend of yours have a real job yet?” her mother asked incredulously.

    “He’s serious about opening his ‘upscale nightlife experience venue’…one day.”

    “He’s still stuck on that dive bar pipe dream?” Her mother squawked.

    “The Joyful Tortoise, he wants to call it.”

    “Is that supposed to be ironic or suiting? I can’t tell.”


  • Two lovers stand in a treeless, desolate landscape, facing each other, facing off. It’s like something out of an old Americana oil painting or a Western film, except the girl’s wearing leather pants and the guy’s in fluorescent short shorts. Dry earth beneath her leather boots and his penny loafers. Not a cloud in the vast, blue sky overhead. Not…[Read more]

  • Two lovers stand in a desolate, treeless desert, facing each other, facing off. It’s like something out of an old Americana oil painting or a Western movie, except the girl is wearing leather pants and the guy’s is florescent short shorts. Dry earth beneath her leather boots and his penny loafers. Not a cloud in the fast, blue sky overhead. Not…[Read more]

  • He straightened his Breaking Bad bowtie with shaky fingers and took a deep breath before walking into the medical marijuana dispensary.

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    She could never forget the paper cuts on her mother’s frail fingers like tiny reminders of her daily sins, her humanity and the atonement necessary to fully heal. Her mother always told her that the Bible held the answer to any life question she could ever have. She read the so-called Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth just to make her mother…[Read more]