• littlediamond commented on the post, neon 6 years, 4 months ago

    ugh, i hate anything with the neon color. It’s an annoying bright, garish hue! Who ever thought neon anything was attractive was surely mistaken. The only think neon colors are good for are putting them on your kids in a crowded place so you can find them easily!

  • littlediamond commented on the post, dominant 7 years ago

    How I feel other people are towards me. Because I have a laid back attitude, people mistake it as submissive behavior, but it is not. It just takes a lot to rile me up.

  • littlediamond commented on the post, mass 7 years ago

    I hate going to mass. I don’t know why. I guess it angers me because some people believe that going to mass is the only way to connect with God. I think you can connect with him in other ways. I respect mass, […]

  • littlediamond commented on the post, happy 7 years ago

    Little children laughing. Being free. Completeness to your soul. Smiles. Purity of spirit. Being content with yourself. Never feeling bad. Knowing your path. Following your bliss. Love.