• He looked so stunning as he walked through the doorway. Everything seemed to go in slow motion and imaginary wind blew his brown hair away from his face. His high cheek bones were glorious along with his emerald eyes. I had never seen such a beautiful creature in all my life.

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    When I was a girl scout, that’s when my life was good. I was young, innocent, and carefree. the only worry I had was if I had homework that night, or if I was gonna be able to go outside and play kickball with my friends after school. I remember selling girl scout cookies in […]

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    The metal bars on the window were cold as ice as I touched them with the yearning to get out of this place. I looked out of the window as much as I could possible, but my vision can be blinded for only so long. I stepped away and sat back down on my bed. […]

  • Division:
    How one number goes into another number so many times.
    The process by which two people are no longer together.
    Going on to another round or “division” of a game.

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    Like a sponge you
    Soaked me in.
    I was the water,
    So gentle yet powerful.
    You were no match for me;
    You had me figured out within the first
    Like a sponge you
    Soaked me in.

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    Force. As my head hit the steering wheel of my car I couldn’t help but notice that my life certainly wasn’t flashing before my eyes. It was almost as if I was dreaming and everything around me had gone into slow motion for the 10 seconds that it was.

  • It’s raining and I can’t seem to find my way. the black umbrella that I’m holding isn’t doing much for me. it’s heavy and the winds are taking it with them. I’m almost home I htought to myself, but it was still so far. the dark cold night was too much for me to handle. […]