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    Holding in place one tiny piece of you. Nothing more important than the thought that I know where you sleep and can enter into that sacred place anytime – even when you don’t realize it. Also that if you mess with me I can do damage to your stuff.

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    Empty. Everywhere were the leave-behinds of a family life. Cereals, milk, juice, the books of a small child for school. These tables showed nothing but what was truly missing – the people around them. Nothing could fix the fact that they were no longer there, and that nothing could bring them back.

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    There was something so indescribable about his face. Maybe it was the face he never smiled, or maybe, more than anything, it was that giant caterpillar of a mustache that sat above his smile-less lips. More than anything the smile of his breath meant something was coming off the top, and no one was to […]

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    that thick skin seems so impenetrable yet my teeth take action and rip it apart, exposing such wonderful ambrosia beneath. Nothing quite compares to being a zombie and a mango representing a human skull.

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    “Those beakers are starting to smoke.”
    “Yes, they are suppose to.”
    “Ummm…those ball things have lightening coming out of them.”
    “And that Guy there looks to be in a lot of pain.”
    “Uh huh.”
    “What are you doing?”
    “Making bubblegum.”

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    Bedsheets, pillows and a mess of hair
    Thinking of making you all mine
    but afraid it would undo the knot
    there must be a way to make
    this boy-scout dream
    into reality

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    Yesterday was filled with it and today is filled with dozens of people complaining they had too much. I’m glad I ate all the chocolate. It made me happy. Not gonna complain about free chocolate, ever! SO suck it up or I’ll steal your chocolate and give it to the homeless.