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    Is this still what you’re after? Okay, then. I’ll play your little game. And I’ll one-up you every single time. Hope you can handle the damage to your ego, because I’m relentless, and I’m done playing nice. You could have broken me. But I’m much stronger than that.

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    The Mango King, alongside his Guava Queen, lived happily in a castle with the Strawberry Princess and Avocado Prince. Together, they ruled their wonderful and happy fruit-world of feudalism. They were benevolent rulers, loved by all, including the lowly papaya serfs. Despite their unpleasant smell and rotten taste, the papaya serfs, by the…[Read more]

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    “Editorial staff, gather ’round!” “Oh, yey!” “Shut up, Jenny. Damn it, that means we have to work…” “Fabio, it’s not like you do anything useful anyway.” And it was always so interesting, so fun. The arguing and play-fights, the joking, the debating, coming to a consensus on our position, investigating, interviewing, writing, editing…about…[Read more]

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    She smiled softly as her gaze fell upon the little brown bear that sat on her desk.

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    He made me fall for him all too well with his quick wit and clever humor, with his incredible logic and his unbelievable intelligence. Fighting it seemed pointless; he takes me places far, far away from here and he is always at my side when I call on him; all I need to do is […]

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    He found the letter he had been waiting for in his mailbox, and he tore it open hastily on his way inside, eager to read her letter. “I’m sorry I left. I’ll be back soon,” it said. He sighed heavily, having hoped for a more heartfelt message.

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    I’m not feeling particularly inspired by this word, but I suppose it’s something of a fitting one for the new year; a new approach, a new path, and one that I’ll follow through with. A bit of a stretch? Probably :) Anyway, I’ll get somewhere this time. I may not know where I’ll end up […]

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    She hung up the phone and contemplated whether she should slide down the hillside to avoid them. Biting her nails in nervous anticipation, knowing that there was no escape, she did all she could: sit and wait, pretending that the police weren’t patrolling the area searching for her.