• jellyperson commented on the post, planter 6 years, 6 months ago

    what are you planting?
    is it ideas?
    the seeds of something new?
    or from an age we wish to forget?
    plant somewhere else
    where we can only hope the blossoms are beautiful

  • jellyperson commented on the post, systems 6 years, 9 months ago

    systems going
    wind blowing
    i am running and all i can think about is how my body works perfectly
    each tendon
    how did this happen?
    i – me – soulmindbrain -is not perfect
    but i live in something that works exactly how i want it to
    the body is truly a temple

  • jellyperson commented on the post, due 6 years, 11 months ago

    i want
    my dues
    what you owe me
    i have given you all a girl can give yet
    nothing in return
    the world does not
    should not
    work this way
    you take and you give back

  • why do we work?
    do we seek the thrill of the paycheck,
    the breathy adrenaline of office life?
    or do we instead long for the mundanity of a rut
    knowing that it is too dangerous to be who you can truly be

  • jellyperson commented on the post, somebody 7 years ago

    i once read in a book that if every child in england smiled at everyone they saw then everyone would get smiled at 300 times
    i wonder if somebody would notice?
    if somebody could tell that maybe every kid had ganged up for smile day
    and that maybe it was okay for a bit
    and maybe everyone could forget about things

  • jellyperson commented on the post, roar 7 years ago

    they expect so much of me
    i am a lion prodded by a lion tamer
    jumping through rings and hoops
    i do not think
    but someday i will turn
    and i will roar
    and no-one will expect anything else

  • jellyperson commented on the post, roar 7 years ago

    angry at her at
    me i roar i roar i roar
    why not fair life is a tapestry that i have not yet learnt to weave

    now spent like a child’s pop gun
    is there any use
    in trying to shoot again?

  • jellyperson commented on the post, themselves 7 years ago

    they are alone
    with themselves
    their little nothings and somethings that take up the space and shape of consciousness
    i envy them
    for their infinity
    for their ultimate capacity to forget
    and forgive
    that I have forgiven and forgotten a long time ago