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    “You’ve got a very selective memory, don’t you?” she says.
    Maybe. So what if I do? Is there really anything wrong with that? So what if I didn’t remember that your “Meemah’s” birthday was this coming weekend. I remembered yours didn’t I?
    Or did I…

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    “You’re always on my mind. Always. There is never a second, never a moment in which I am not tying everything back to you. You are my alpha and omega, my beginning and my end. So here’s to you. And here’s to us.” I raise the glass to my lips and sit.

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    She was a goddess. Never had I seen someone move so fluidly through the water, barely creating ripples as she moved forward. Enthralled, I watched. Her tiny bottoms were bunching in all the right places. When she finally finished her lap of the pool and pulled herself from the water my jaw nearly hit the floor. She, was a he. Whoops.

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    My palms sweat despite the cool night breeze. God damn, where is he? I can’t be here all night. My free hand toys with a small plastic bag that is tucked in my pocket. I didn’t want to do this. I never wanted to do this.