• She scouted for his heart as determined as children working their way to earn their badges. It was her prize; it was her ultimate goal. Regardless of how difficult the road, she was willing to endure the whole way because, to her, nothing could have been worth more.

  • I can look and your eyes and see the endless, crashing waves of your love, unable to be contained. Keep me close, and listen to the music my heart plays for you.

    I am a romantic. I am a romantic for you.

  • Troubles are flooding, leaving no room for air.
    I am gasping
    I need someone to rescue me
    Someone save me from this density
    Too much to bear
    Too heavy to carry
    Too hard to overcome

  • “If a helping hand is what you need, then go look for it somwhere else,” Annabelle arrogantly advised Jeremy. She was dressed in extravangant, fur-trimmed clothing with glimmering diamonds dangling from her ears and hanging around her neck. All her fancy accesories and wardrobe indicated her affluence; her narcissism was as abundant as the money […]

  • I hate how there are only sixty seconds in one minute. Sixty seconds to make things worth while in one minute. Sixty minutes in an hour. Twenty four hours in a day. You have to make them all count, ’cause single second can change an entire day. Do what you can, the best you can […]