• Ha, This reminds me of my car. The great 1990 Buick Grand Estate Station wagon, Berta. She got added to my collection after Good old Flagstaff Police caught me doing 110 in my Neon. Couldnt keep the insurance so I had to get this baby. Pure Class.

  • I have missed the oppurtunity of so many things oh so many times. And I look back at life and then I see these things and It depresses me just a bit. But not enough to outshine the oppurtunity I have corrently found in you. I will never be more greatful then the day you […]

  • Jessica Dragone commented on the post, deer 7 years, 7 months ago

    Deer’s are strange fragile creature. The only thing I can think of is when I was younger at the crck of dawn almost every morning I used to go to my basement, stand on the toiletbowl look out the window and watch the deer graze prance and live. I thought maybe one day I could […]

  • Everyone in life wants to succeed. Success is seen as the measurment in life but the truth is, the loevely antonym failure is the trude definition of life. We all must fail to learn. Onces their is success is something we usually move on from it. I want to succeed in life but i would […]

  • Life is held by a thread. The onldest Cliche in the book. I used to never consider this truly inspiring until Hercueles the Disney movie. Then I got the idea..All life is held by a thread but it is up to us to strengthen our own threads. those who choose to choose to live life […]