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    How lovely thou art, lieing in that bed of floral magnificence. Thy skin aglow, the moonlight shining off the nearby minerals. Oooo, is that quartz? Perfect for my experiments. Wait, what?

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    How many minerals in the human body? Too many to just choose one. Such a complex machine, running a thousand operations a minute, tiny muscles and large ones, neurons and nerves. All those tiny building blocks, taken from plant, animal and air. So tasty. Would you like another?

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    Roy yelled

    That thing is huge! What are we going to do with it?
    replied Smith

    I know, right? We told them no mammals. And look at this, shit all over. Next thing you know they will be cloning Dinosaurs!
    Roy Sighed

    Wait, wasn’t that a movie?

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    The long history of the word “gypsy” starts about 8000 BC. It was originally a word used to describe the sound a mammoth made when it sat on a duck. Then, over time, the word transformed. Now in the year 2755 it’s found it’s proper use in describing a successful settlment on a small moon.

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    “I hate that word” The cat said, yelling at the Duck walking by. The duck just looked confused at this strange sound.
    “I hate that word too” The cat screamed at the mouse that ran by, having no idea why the cat was shouting. It was just a giraffe.

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    You don’t have to be so vocal, I can hear you in my mind. Just think at me and everything will get through. No, you don’t have to yell, just calmly think the thought. Hungry? We’ll get to that later. No, you can’t be hungry. Why? Because you don’t have a body anymore. Your just in my head.

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    We walked to the station, hand in hand in hand in hand. The four of us wondered what was to come next. Would it be joy? pain? Nothingness? It didn’t matter, we were out of choices, it was time to go. This place was falling apart and there was no saving it. Friends, family, all gone.
    So stepped out.

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    Terms and conditions apply. By agreeing to use our product you are consenting to the removal of 1cm of flesh from each limb per day of use. All fingernail, toenail and hair clippings will be submitted by registered mail once per month. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit of the entire skin immediatly.