• In a world that’s fraught with lust, a lack of love
    Everything is complicated by the isolation
    The immediate response to the trivial
    The innate reception of inane creation.
    We breath nonsense and exhale uselessness

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, sympathy 4 years, 11 months ago

    Searing and persistent, every twitch of pain,
    Every twinge of regret, of remembrance
    Settles behind my eyes.
    I don’t feel their pain, I just feel sorry for them.
    Why can’t they just be perfect like me?

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, aunt 5 years ago

    She’s my rock.
    Nanny not just a title.
    Beautiful soul spilling over,
    Always making sure to keep my heart open.
    Catching drops that fall from hers.

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, oak 5 years ago

    Sturdy and reliable.
    Inescapably, inexorably inert.
    Exploding Oxygen.
    Gorging on Carbon.

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, sweep 5 years ago

    I stood over this cracked floor,
    Slapping the whiskers of this broom against the floor.
    Merely tousling the dust around in circles,
    Productivity getting swept up in mini tornadoes.
    I’ve done this so many times, but its ALWAYS,
    ALWAYS dirty. So why do I even bother?

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, worldly 5 years ago

    I’ve spent my life staring skyward,
    I’ve been taught to be worldly, explore this earth endlessly.
    But the stars twinkle tauntingly, beckoning
    Tiny catcalls to my soul.
    I’ve always dreamt of being otherworldly.

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, furious 5 years, 1 month ago

    An engine of fire inside.
    Blood pressed against skin,
    Threatening to burst forth.
    An internal monsoon of emotions
    Tearing the stability brick by brick,
    Toppling the trained tranquility totally.

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, humid 5 years, 1 month ago

    Perspiration is looming when the air becomes humid
    Fumes become rancid, when the dance becomes frantic.
    Elated bouncing and trouncing on checkered floors.

  • Jesse Ruiz commented on the post, pursuit 5 years, 1 month ago

    I give chase to the dreams I’ve lived to create
    I purse my lips in frustration and curiosity both in equal measure
    It is these two that take my hands and lead me down the path
    With their hands in mine I climb.
    Gripping slippery granite, I strive to reach the top on this planet.