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    You harnessed all your lies to my neck
    weighing about thirty pounds too heavy,
    you pushed me to the ground
    and told me, “Girl, just stay steady”.

    You proceeded to bagged up all your fears
    bringing in a good forty plus
    and threw it over my shoulders
    questioning me, “Girl, what’s all the fuss?”

    You then quickly netted all your guilt
    to…[Read more]

  • Father,
    my faith
    its lethargic at best
    exhausted and extinguished
    from treading through the mud of this world.
    My shoes are worn tattered,
    my clothes “holy”
    though my skin feels sacrificed.
    My world,
    it breeds venom
    while my heart seeks benevolence.
    I was made a woman,
    a woman with a purpose so I am told
    but what is a woman to…[Read more]

  • My scalp aches for your grasp,
    And my body longs for your domination.
    My mouth waters for your intrusion,
    And my skin crawls to feel your sensation
    to spill onto in like lava from an
    exploding force known like no other,
    The whole of me craves
    that celestial feeling of pleasure
    that can only be found in the soul of a lover.
    Over…[Read more]

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    I delight in the sunrise. And the sunset. I delight in the mew of a kitten or the bark of an old dog. I delight in the mega-watt smile of that boy that I can’t seem to get out of my head. And I delight in the embrace that my current partner holds me each and every night. Delights can seem so sweet, until they start to hurt.

  • I neither have to diminish nor embellish His love for me. I often drift from the understanding that he promised me life, not death. He gave His Son for me that I would not be condemned, but saved. So that rock I tend to hide UNDER? Well, I’m going to start my climb to the top so that I can stretch out my arms, open my hands and allow God’s grace…[Read more]

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    Look ahead, she thought to herself. Just look ahead. Yeah, it stings…the scrapes that map out her knobby knees, the thin trail of bright crimson dripping down her leg. She would get out of these woods, she wouldn’t let him have her. Even if it killed her.

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    She heard a light splash from behind her. She quickly turned to find a small, chestnut hued sparrow submerging his plump little body into the birdbath that her brother had bought her for Christmas last winter. […]

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    She crouched on her knees in the darkest corner of her small closet, gripping a butterknife she had snuck from the kitchen weeks ago. She pushed and pushed with all her might that dull blade against the old wooden floor boards, trying to get the letters A and R and C and R…Alan Reyes for […]

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    She gazed out at the skyline, wondering what it would be like to just leave. Just leave with nothing. Leave it all behind…her clothes, books, car, everything. She wondered what the thrill of just jumping into a cab out on 36th St. and just going until her money runs out would do to her. Quench […]

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    She was stunning, absolutely stunning. She stole the crowds breathe away as she waltzed down that deep burgundy carpet. Her red 4 inch pumps and large black feathered hat fit like a glove on her five year old body, she decided. Her mother was so stylist, always matching from the pearls nestles onto her ears […]

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    I sit as close to the end of the very last pew in the sanctuary, hidden by the mass of members who hold their hymns in their hands like bowls of holy water. I dont stand and therfore earn th distastful glares from the 70 yr old veterans that have been coming here since before […]

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    She shuffled her way to the car. She had to hurry, had to get there on time. If she didn’t, then she may miss the party. Her first party in high school. She was prob gonna get to do something crazy like some a joint or let a guy feel her up. The excitement ran […]

  • She sat on the window edge and stared out the window, eyes squinting to capture on last fleeting view of the small frail barn owl she had spent the whole summer weaning. It’s funny how that one solitaire creature captured her heart in the most obscure way and took it with him, but leaving her […]

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    Today, I drew a name all over my notebook with cute little hearts during my lunch break…and for the first time in forever, it wasn’t your name. =)

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    She left it there, broken into a million little pieces. At first she hesitated, wondering if there was an possible way with glue, tape, love, passion…but quickly found her reflection passing her in the hallway mirror as the headed for the door. Whu? Because, she whispered to herself, “It’s in a million little pieces”.

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    Her heart, her enternal mind…full of color and light and prisms. It burned with a deep passion as she watched the boy walk away from the counter and out of arms reach for what would see like an eternity to her…

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    the shine of her patent leather shoes entrapped the little boys mind. They were so clean, so black. So…perfect. Just like her deep, dark hair and eyes the color of ndian ink.

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    Leaves of red and gold. Cold, crisp air. Hallow trees filled with gathered nuts aplenty from the greedy little squirrels of the summer. A heavy breeze slaps my hair across my face and I sigh heavily. I am alone and it is cold. The outside, the surrounding world…it’s beautiful. But somehow still so bare, both […]