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    The light turned on. Standing behind an old wooden desk, the crazed psychopath from her dreams gave a menacing glare, a knife firmly in his left hand. This was gonna be fun.

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    My hands were trembling as I leaned down towards the dishwasher, reaching for the still dirty knife that would never be cleaned. Footsteps approached from behind me; my heart pounded faster with each step he took. He was coming for me, and I was a dead woman. Maybe. My shaky fingers wrapped themselves around the hilt of the knife. Turning around,…[Read more]

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    An earthquake. Dishes crashing everywhere. Under the table. Scared, but not alone.

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    She’s crafty, she gets around. She’s crafty, she’s always down. She’s crafty, she’s got a gripe. She’s crafty, she’s just my type.

    (cowbell solo)

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    A ceiling panel is just a ceiling panel. Unless it’s a portal into another dimension. But until you can jump that high, you’ll never know.

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    You always hurt the ones you love. The ones you shouldn’t hurt at all. And if I broke your heart last night, it’s because I love you most of all.

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    On his desk sat an old typewriter. He’d used it to tell stories about the days of his youth and nearly forgotten memories of the war. It seemed the more he wrote, the better he could remember. Even in the final days of his life, he was as sharp as a tack.

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    In a final effort, he dragged himself up the stairs to grab the last box. “Who would have kept many beanie babies,” he asked himself. They were getting heavier with each trip. “Must’ve been some psycho,” he concluded. Move-in day was harder than expected.

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    It was a dusty attic. There was a creaking noise when he opened the shutters. Light poured in from the windows onto boxes of memorabilia.This place hadn’t seen daylight in years.

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    Over yonder is where we lay the cows out to pasture. Willy here helps us round ’em up when they start roamin’. You ever been to Montana?

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    The sound of whistles filled the air as I stepped off the platform. A young couple sat on a bench looking forlorn, two full suitcases nearby. So far away from them, I walked the other way.

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    Slipping on a banana inside my mind. Falling backward into darkness. Heart racing, my arms are flailing even when I tell them to stop. Emptiness hollows out my head like a ice cream scoop in a melon. It’s all melted on the floor with a banana not far away for now.

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    The curtain was drawn, revealing a large and somewhat awkward seal lion. He balanced a ball on his nose. The crowd was not sure whether to clap or to hold their breaths. Some people did both.

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    He turned and looked at me with a stern face.

    I stared back, unsure of what to say.

    As soon as he opened his mouth, the firetrucks rolled in.

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    Boardwalk at Santa Clara beach ~

    “Woahhhh, watch it man!”

    “Did you see that?”

    He let out a sigh of relief with his hands on his head.

    “It almost tagged me.”

    The car raced to the end of the street and ducked around the corner.

    “Damn Radicals.”

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    “Train leaves now!”

    He turned to confirm with the conductor and then back into her eyes.

    “I have to go.”

    “I know.”

    And with a kiss, he boarded the train and never returned.

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    A vast icy barren landscape surrounded him in every direction. He hoped he would find a sign of help through his peripherals, but he was beginning to assume the chill would clung to his breath indefinitely. It looked as if he’d need to trek through this crunching snow for days before he found any sign of civilization. He tested the motion in his…[Read more]