• Jackie commented on the post, imagined 5 years ago

    She wondered where he came from, that tall, dark, and handsome individual that stood out in the sea of grey faces. She imagined a back story for that mysterious many. He was an ex-criminal trying to make a living for himself. He was a painter. But more than anything she imagined him with her, in the coffee shop, in his bed.

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    It drenched the clothes and ruined the hairstyle. The weather was like a hurricane that swept and made everyone feel as if it was the end of the world. It was fashion week but by the afternoon, the clothes seemed to stick on everything and everyone.

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    The faint object in the distance glimmered with neon anticipation. It seemed to invite others to discover it. So, the two girls slowly crept forward to take a look at it. It didn’t seem like anything that grew in Nebraska. It was a strange cryptic shape.

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    It was just a single moment. A single touch of the hands and a spark of realization that two people could have more than just a simple connection of interests. That there was that brief moment of attraction, of intrigue that it could be anything more than just friends.

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    She didn’t want his pity and his money. She was a strong woman who grew up by herself, went to college by herself, and made a living for herself without the help of any adult. She was only 20 all the same. She still had so much to learn, but one thing she knew was that she didn’t need his charity, no matter how appealing that was.

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    He stood there staring at this magnificent woman, with her long, brown hair that cascaded down the side of her face. He couldn’t help but notice the browness in her eyes and the way it shone of dark chocolate. He stood there like an idiot, of course, too timid to do anything to make her notice him. So, she didn’t. She walked past him and he…[Read more]

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    The water doesn’t think when it makes you sink. It just breathes like anything in life in nature. With a breath it takes you in. It mimics the life of a person in that almost helplessness feeling. It makes you feel as if the world has sat upon your shoulders and the weight makes you feel a thousand more moons heavier. The sinking feeling is…[Read more]