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    Why write your own story when you can make up someone else’s? Who was that old man on the subway with a limp in his right leg, and missing half his ear? Was he beaten as a child? Was he a Prisoner of War? Did he […]

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    If you love to write for the fun of it and the imagination. This is the group to be in.

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    A place to write about dreams you’ve had, or your dreams for your future, any sort of dream. Whether you had it awake or asleep, on a train or in bed, don’t be afraid to share.

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    writing from the female persuasion, focused on sharing form the heart, bearing the soul, being the most beautiful woman you were born to be!! Share with us!

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    Awsome people who do awsome things

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    I love writing about love. Lost love, found love, facets of it, everything.

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    If your Emo and miss understood come. If your in love and people miss understand you i welecome you. I am both I think this will help bound this world together. IF your not miss understood come help others who […]

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    Post some inspiring lyrics, from other songs, or ones you wrote.

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