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    There was something wonderful about discovering the true ease with which they could sit across from each other at a coffee shop and talk about nothing and everything while the hours swam lazily by. She had never imagined it might come to fruition, that her inexplicable crush would manifest itself into something so sweet and so seemingly…perfect.

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    It was more than she deserved, she knew that. The dark purple fabric of the skirt swished as she twirled for herself in the mirror, the light of the reflective fibers scintillatingly beautiful.

    Her aunt must have spent a thousand dollars on this piece of textile art…

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    The radius of the circle was a whole number, making the problem simple enough for an Algebra 1 student. I glanced up from my test, suspicious, to steal a quick glance at my teacher. I wanted to see if he was testing me on something other than formulas from middle school math classes–was it a trick question? He looked perfectly innocent, so I…[Read more]

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    The silvery cutlery gleamed in the light from the setting sun, making the sparkling place settings look glitzy and prepared for the next afternoon’s event. But right now, every table was empty but for the anticipatory forks and napkins folded into graceful swans.

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    I allowed myself to sink into him and focus on the feeling. I turned away all of the memories and awkwardness and that strange feeling of kissing someone you never thought you would. I let myself feel safe around him in a way that was completely new, even though we’d known each other so long.

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    I looked down at his socks, which were of course covered in a sea turtle print.

    “It’s Turtle Tuesday!” he exclaimed as he noticed me looking.

    Of all things to consistently remember or forget…he never missed a Turtle Tuesday with those ridiculous socks.

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    “I’m just delighted to meet you!” she exclaimed, pumping my hand and never breaking eye contact. I was happy to have made such a good impression already.

    “You’ll start Monday, if that’s all right with you?” She tacks on the question at the end of her statement in a way that makes me feel like she’s not used to being so assertive.

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    She declined politely the first few times, and managed a tight little smile.

    By the fifth try, she was starting to become annoyed at her suitors.

    “Let me buy you a drink!” They all said the same thing…

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    She stood at the forefront of the crowd, scanning anxiously across the room for the one person she was hoping to see, while admonishing herself for that same hope.

    There was no way he would be here…but he knew that she would be, and so therefore there was a way. A small way…

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    HIS HAIR WAS THE COLOR OF LEMONS (cries because The Book Thief)

    This wasn’t an original piece of writing, but now I’m having writer’s feelings and cannot articulate properly.

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    She was wearing sensible brown shoes, with larger-than-average buckles and thick white socks. Her shirt was buttoned to the throat, as if it were one hundred years earlier, and her handbag could have literally fit everything but the kitchen sink.

    Her eyes were mismatched; one was blue and one green. Something about the stark contrast between…[Read more]

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    The notion of his revenge was strange to her. She couldn’t understand how she could have possibly been wrong enough to warrant anything.

    The Jesuit minister knocked on the door, impatient.

    They both had that curly, pale hair.

    She would rather have dated the biblical, stuffy minister.

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    There’s got to be something worthwhile about spending four years, 720 days of our teenaged lives in high school.

    Crowded halls that become the norm, anxiety attacks before finals, the palpable stress in the room right before an AP test.

    College comes afterward…but is it really to make up for four years of hellishness?

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    The cap-sleeved white blouse lay forgotten on the floor of her otherwise immaculate bedroom.

    Of course, she should have hung it up in the closet when she got home, or even put it with her other dirty clothes for washing.

    She excused herself, thinking, “I was much too tired.”

    The next day, she woke up, saw the blouse staring, accusatory,…[Read more]

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    She crept around the corner, then peeked out to spy on the octet as they played the first bars of their Mendelssohn. Letting only a fraction of her face show, she watched their eyebrows as they leaned in for a piano section.

    In the next room, she heard the unpretending joy of her own Beethoven quartet as the other three effortlessly passed…[Read more]

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    She stared up at the screen as the ending montage swam lazily by. The music sunk and swelled, and his musician’s fingertips on her arm tapped out the counter melody hiding in the background.

    Tap tap, taaaaaaap, taptaptap.

    She grabbed the restless fingers and squeezed. He squeezed back.

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    The old movie ticket stubs, restaurant fortune cookie slips, and slivery cards from the bouquets of flowers he’d given her had formed an impressive, if depressing collage to catalog their relationship.

    “You are a true romantic,” proclaimed one of the old Panda Express fortunes from a fast-food dinner date. She cupped it in the palm of her…[Read more]

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    The unexpected antithesis to her argument was more valid than she would have hoped. She searched among the honeyed words, looking for a fallacy or inconsistency, but none appeared.

    Distressed, she stared hard at him. What was he trying to do to her by creating such a harmful opposite? What was his benefit?

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    I emptied the warm, freshly washed clothes from the dryer and carried them to my room to put them away, enjoying the feel of the heat that almost burned my skin with its intensity.

    Inevitably, there were three homeless and matchless socks left after I had sorted through the pile. As I tossed them to my “free agent socks” bin, I couldn’t decide…[Read more]

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    The supermarket was filled with food, from within inches of the dirty linoleum floor to the towers of cans and boxes, balancing a few feet above my head.

    It was also filled with people, enough bored teenagers and noisy children and withered old grannies and skeptical suburban parents, to populate the audience at the favorite local band’s next…[Read more]