• The music waxed and waned in his ears, as he tried desperately to get a solid tone going. But he couldn’t. For all his efforts he was just as unbalanced as he had been when the song started. Only now he was far sadder. He had failed.

  • The way her hair felt under her fingers brought her instantly to awareness. The room around her was immediately unfamiliar, but it was the weave of her hair that caused her concern. A strange room was one thing. A strangers fingers in her hair was a thought she tried and failed to not realize.

  • I have tried to be an ambassador for you people, but you have failed to live up to my example at every turn. I have nurtured your intelligence and your hedonism, and yet still you live lives of boredom.

  • He looked off at the setting sun and was amazed by it. It was like nothing was wrong, the glare of the sun masking everything. It felt like any other day, the warmth of the sun playing off his skin. The only indication that anything was wrong was the smell coming from the streets below. If one didn’t look down, it would be perfect.

  • The pieces of his skin broke apart and scattered on the wind. He did not know how he was breathing, not as the flecks of skin began to fall into heaps, revealing the skin underneath. And he tried to scream, but he couldn’t.
    He didn’t have lungs anymore.

  • They wanted to build something together, but that would never come to pass. The strange thing about losing someone is that you miss less the person, and more the things you could have done. The things you would have done if time was kinder.

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    Sometimes you have days where you end up like Sideshow Bob, stepping on rakes. It isn’t like you even care anymore. Just repeating the expected reaction. You could open your eyes and look around, but really it is easier to just get smacked in the face.

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    It only gets worse from here. That is how the phrase goes. But really, it isn’t change we are afraid of, even if it really is for the worse. The true horror, the worst eventuality that could ever occur is the idea that things will stay the same, forever in that terrible place.

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    The small store was older than most people who lived in the town, and that was saying something. Though it managed to carry much of the modern amenities, there was a fair amount of things that were from times long forgotten by the living, but kept in stock just in case an old timer was looking for nostalgia with their beer.

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    He took a sip, then a long draw as he suddenly recognized how thirsty he was. How much more he had ignored his needs he didn’t know. But the one thing he knew more than anything was that this wasn’t going to be the last time. Not by a long shot.

  • Something is missing in all of this. I can’t see things as they are, or maybe I do and I am disappointed. Things are rarely easy to figure out but that is what makes life life. The trouble. If it all went as we expected it would simply be a slow death.

  • I stumble about in the dark, stubbing my toe despite myself. We often live with the belief that we become experts of our homes, even in the dark. But as I navigate my way from my bedroom to the bathroom and finally find a light switch that works I am stuck fast to the spot. Because this is not my bathroom. This is not my house. And I have no idea…[Read more]

  • Fishing for something, anything at this point. I have been out here for far too long to go back with nothing. I real something in. I pull up hard. But the thing on the end isn’t something I would be proud to bring back. Even if it is breathing. What is this thing?

  • Driving down the road used to be such a normal thing. Now I look at the vultures, their bony head covered in filth. I watch them plunge their faces into the corpses on the side of the road. And I drive down the highway, and I ignore the broken air conditioner, and the dust settling up in mounds, and the city of Chicago looming in the distance.

  • The red tinted wind swept across the surface, particles shifting off of stone untouched by anything other than the weathering wind. It was a bad storm but that mattered little. There was no one around to see it.

  • They did their best to stave off the temperature. They opened their refrigerators and turned up their air conditioning. They frequented movie theaters like the old west. Pouring money out in the hope they would somehow beat the heatwave. But money does cool anything.

  • It rang out like a fist in the air. A triumphant call to arms. Though the army felt nothing, wanted nothing, and needed nothing but orders, it was custom to play the anthem all the same. Though they were just machines, filled with programs and bits and bobs, it was still considered important. Stray too far from tradition and suddenly the…[Read more]

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    I hate trying to figure out what is true and what is false. Too much weeding out bullshit, too much having to weed through other people’s bullshit. And worse than any of it is the fact that people do everything they can to shut out the truth until it is fucking smacking them in the face.

  • It sinks into my skin. Makes it wrinkle and prune. Few people actually understand what is happening when your skin gets exposed to water over a long period of time. The cells expand and constrict. Perhaps to help us grip surfaces. I should be drinking more water and less alcohol. But I’m not. Water won’t affect your memory.

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    The arrangement was struck easily. A simple draw of blood and the path was set. He looked down at the dot in the middle of his hand pooling with blood. And he couldn’t help but wonder if he had perhaps made a mistake hiring such a monster for such an offense.