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    Do not question the power of firepower, and do not question the fire within the dedication of firepower. Perhaps you have questioned from time to time the rush of blood in your veins, the feeling of being alive, the pounding of your chest as you break free from a narrow escape- in the break of a war. But have you ever questioned the sorrow of…[Read more]

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    A noise to make you hear, a noise to make you look, a noise to let you know that although you may claim to have let me go, you still care.

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    He see me. He analyzes me. He judges me. He knows me- at least he believes he does. But he doesn’t know the half of me. He underestimates me, but he has seen me for only two years and twice a week and one hour a day. He sees one side of me and only one side of me, but I am so much more. There is so much you don’t know, and yet you are so certain.…[Read more]