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    Sunday morning,
    sky so pale,
    you walk into the living room
    only to find
    bare walls and the old sofa
    you found sitting on the curb.

    When you look at the furniture,
    all you see her sitting there;
    her eyes burn two holes into you,
    and like a basilisk,
    she’s turned you into a statue.

    Don’t leave,
    I can change,
    I love you;
    you…[Read more]

  • She was supposed to be the perfect example, the obedient child in the class. The teachers often asked her to demonstrate to the class for various things, which made the other kids hate her. They’d call her a “teacher’s pet”, or any variation of that.

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    The world is her playground, but it’s an empty one. She’s like a hollowed out shell, empty and void of any warmth. She longs to feel a warmth that only another could give her.