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    She had always liked candy. She loved the sweetness, the calm, pure joy that exploded across her tongue with each piece. It’s why she kept a bowl of candy on her desk.

    But, watching him stuff the fifth Jolly Rancher into his mouth, sticky green spit bursting from the corner of his mouth as he did so, and toss the wrapper onto her desk…[Read more]

  • The new thought completely derailed his plans. What if he was playing directly into their hands? It was a set-up, surely. The Grandmaster had certainly thought of this rash course of action, had planned on it, even. He began to second guess himself, there on the rooftop, and wondered if he should give up the plan completely.

  • The statues were of two standing figures, each robed and hooded. The faces of these statues, like those of the rest of the statues in the graveyard, had their faces hidden in their cowls. It was keeping with tradition of his culture, that the face of the statues would not be visible, for if a stone face existed, a restless soul might become…[Read more]

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    The painting I had commissioned arrived at my doorstep the day I had been told to expect it. However, it was of the wrong subject. I had asked that the man, Arturo, to travel through the rainforest and paint a picture of the finest orchid he could find in the new world. Instead, he sent me back a painting of a horrible monkey with squinted eyes.

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    What is the measure of a man, he thought, as he looked up at the altar stone. The carved words upon them condemned him in Heaven’s eyes, but he wondered if there was another test of a man’s soul than strict adherence to the laws of Heaven. He wondered, he hoped, that his heart would be weighed.

  • “Our fates are our own,” he said, shaking the chains of his manacles in front of him. “We may be prisoners here, but we are only held captive if we allow them to shackle our souls. That is why I will smile to the gallows.”

    I looked at him and wished I could have the same courage in the face of death.

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    The aura of the star was blue. It was blue enough to make me want to reach the edges and soar my cruiser through the ice crystals that hung in the vacuum surrounding it. But, the mission was too important. After this one run, this last run, I would owe nothing the the Allegiance and I would be free to explore the pockets of the galaxy.

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    The railway was supposed to be the greatest achievement of mankind. Stretching from Hong Kong to London, it crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It stopped in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Montreal. It was the pinnacle of what we could do when nationality and political allegiance didn’t matter.

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    “Ugh, I did it wrong again,” Melanie complained, reaching for the staple remover. “I stapled this packet wrong, too.”
    “Professor Ketron is going to be furious when he sees all those little holes,” Abbey said, slamming her palm down on the red stapler on her desk. “You know how particular he is.”

  • “You don’t think it’s a bit irreverent to sit on the altar stone?” Reim asked Isidriel as he approached the lord’s side.
    “I think my presence in a temple is irreverent,” Isidriel said with a slight smile. “Seeing as I’m a sinner, and all.”
    Reim shook his head and chuckled.

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    The cat’s meow woke her from her sleep. She opened her eyes to find the white animal sitting erect on her chest, one paw hovering just above her nose as if the cat was about to swat. “I don’t think so,” she said, moving the cat to the side so she could roll over.

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    The doors of the castle were made of solid mahogany, with intricate inlays of ivory depicting scenes of knights on parade. The handles bore the resemblance of golden lions, long since absent from the lands.

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    the gates had been wrought out of gold and silver. Silver bears paraded across the top as symbols of the royalty that lived in the house beyond. The gold glittered in the morning sun as the gates swung open to admit the carriage onto the grounds.

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    She thought of herself as a gamer girl. There was no game she wouldn’t play: console, board, roleplaying, dice, card, or computer. So, when her boyfriend invited her to play airsoft, throwing the pitch as if it was the new Call of Duty, she couldn’t refuse.

  • I had spent my childhood around those submerged ruins. They were a playground for my body and my imagination. The fallen stones had been scrubbed smooth by the slight waves of the lake and were perfect for the pads of my bare feet.

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    “I derived the formula from my research of Amazonian tribal medicine,” she said, tossing the inch thick file on the desk in front of him. “Don’t assume my answers are not my own again.”

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    She had him wrapped around her finger. She knew it the moment she titled her fingertips away from her lips. Despite the fact that she had done more than blow him a kiss and had in fact, thrown a simple lightning spell at him and knocked him down on his rump, his facial expression said it all — she had charmed him in an instance.

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    It was a delight to see him again, she thought. She tugged on her corset’s strings as she kicked her buttoned boots beneath the bed. She was grateful for the fire the servants had started in her fireplace. Indeed, it would be a delight to see him again, she was sure.

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    The snow the witch had foretold of had not frozen on its way to the earth. He pulled his wet cloak tighter around his shoulders and he trudged through the mud lining the road and shivered.

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    The court watched the adventure tear into a roasted leg of lamb with his teeth. They nearly gagged collectively as he ate, his soaking wet fur armor creating a muddy puddle beneath his seat.