• “This is MY territory, Yo” he shouted as his thick yellow stream splashed against the fence post.
    “How many times do I have to go here before you learn”
    The dog looked at his master mournfully. What a weirdo

  • all i could think about was that dirty rotten coward. Im a firm believer that if you are going to stick your tongue out it should be to someones face! makes me so damn mad!

  • stooooooood!! STOOOOOD!!!!!……… i mean achoooooo!! damn sneezed are adling my brain! what the heck is stood???? achoo in Turkish???

  • David Aitchison commented on the post, strung 9 years ago

    He was a high strung man.
    His notorious deeds, of which he was known for far and wide had dinally caught up with him.

    Now he was strung up highly

  • David Aitchison commented on the post, wrapped 9 years ago

    you and i saw something, caught our eyes a time. shared an understanding in sielce most profound
    it is on my mind now and i cant get it off, fleeting pantom shadow, an elusive metapjore

  • …he followed the piece of String around the rubble strewn corner, fingers running along its vivid red length. how long had it been since he’d first began following it, he wondered to himself. It could have been years, each day, month, year blending into the next – a blurred cacophony of String led monotony….

  • “i have a rocket” said sam. “you have a rocket?” said billy. “yes i do, i big one. its red and i love it”