• She walked hesitantly through the cereal aisle of the Lucky Mart, preparing herself for the odd looks she would receive if she failed her corespondent. They had yet to meet, and instead were leaving letters around the town for the other to find as their means of communication. It was rather exhilarating, like the first time you learn to ride a…[Read more]

  • In many ways he was like a watchtower. Not just in physique, but in spirit. He was a rather solemn man. He chose only to talk when he felt was necessary, other than that he was find standing above the world observing others make fools of themselves.

  • She was defined as a prune by her grandchildren. They didn’t understand the glory of who she truly was. The soft wrinkles embedded into her porcelain skin were battle scars of the life we had lived. Story upon story unfolded as I reached out to touch her cheek, tracing the lines as I moved along. One was for the time our little girl crashed the…[Read more]

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    He tasted of taffy.