• Sometimes I feel blinded by love and deceived by lust. I wish life was simple, but then again it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

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    Flip, and there I go again. Frustrated, too confused to do anything. I’m tired, and burnt out, writing-wise, i can’t process anything anymore, I’m like a broken copy machine, copying everything and […]

  • the old woman, her hands wrinkled and spotted with age, weaved the yarn together into a beautiful tapestry. And I wondered, just how much those hands had gone through, to make such a beautiful pattern… poor woman.

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    I have a clue
    that maybe one day
    I will be that girl
    that everyone admires
    who everyone is jealous of

    I used to be that girl
    but not anymore
    maybe, maybe
    I have a clue

    but perhaps I’m being selfish.

  • Snap snap snap! Moments in my memory, captured forever. Mostly good, but some are sad. Happy memories captured bring back mixed feelings- and many of those feelings aren’t happy at all.

  • I will be attending a festival next week in Quebec city with my school. It will be very fun. I’ll wear fur and pretend to be a french speaking canadian and drink hot cocoa with friends and admire hats in store […]

  • door hinges creak
    as i tip toe past the door
    into a new chapter
    of life
    unsure where to go.

  • bland is the tasteless cheese
    bland is Abercrombie and Fitch
    bland is my ex boy friends face
    and did I mention? bland is everything I hate.

  • yummy delish
    melt in my mouth
    chocolatey bliss
    they are very delish

  • Clamp clamp clampidy damp. clampy clampy clamp! (sing it like a song!!!)
    Happy Holidays my dear fellow Onewords!

  • Hurry hurry hurry!
    that is all my life’s about
    Perfect perfect perfect!
    that is all i’m supposed to be
    Stress stress stress!
    that is all i am

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    It is just past dusk right now. The sun is all the way down, and the moon would probably be visible if I had the motivation to get off the laptop! It is very chilly, but baking Christmas cookies makes me cozy.

  • thunder is clapping above my head
    hurting my ears
    and scaring me out of my wits
    why did this happen?
    how could it?
    i only hope the lightning won’t strike again.

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    he’s a scar on my life
    a scar on my heart
    a dream that I have awoken from.

    how could someone be so cruel
    to make another love them
    only to kick them out the door?

  • A panorama of a beautiful beach. I wish I was there. It would be amazing. Everything would- running in the sun, swimming, eating, being with friends. I wish my life was a panorama of a beautiful beach.

  • I have a blemish on my face. I never used to have acne. I don’t actually have acne, but once in a while I get a humongous zit on my nose and it is quite unsightly. I wish that I never got horrid blemishes on my skin.

  • My sleeve is long and soft and cozy. It is very warm and cozy and keeps me nice and snuggled at this cold time of year. It is as cozy as Christmas and as soft as Santa’s hat.

  • Mosques. Many people are there, worshiping to Allah, a God who I don’t know. It is strange to see people who have so much purpose in life.

  • “oui oui oui!” said the french artist as he painted merrily, the colors splattering on the canvas, lighting up the room and his soul.

  • I am not a princess. My boyfriend just broke up from me. So life sucks and I can’t really think about the word princess except for the fact that my boyfriend wanted a princess and I’m not one.