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    its not that i dont know you; i know you quite well. but for some reason i want to analyse the shit out of that signature of yours. i want to know the things you arent telling me and i know there are things youre not telling me; i know its probably not as bad as it seems, but i know there are things you dont want me to know. you act like i know…[Read more]

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    there’s this thing i do in my head when i think of the stars i see them as hearts cuz i see them as you so far away but so clear to me that i need you here. the stars have time to move but you don’t you have to believe truly happiness has the […]

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    An orchestra. Am emotion. Of the heart. I mean to say I love you dear. I really do. And I’ll always sing my tune to you.

  • carman commented on the post, whole 8 years ago

    a whole doesn’t always have to be made up of two halfs or be complete and all that; can’t two things just compliment one another perfectly in tandem and not have to identify as a whole other thing for the rest of eternity? i guess i’m just upset with the people that keep saying they […]

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    click clack imminent and she’s walking to her death and she knows it every step she is prepared for the words she will hear. she is not though prepared for what they mean and how they will affect the next few actions and to spur even more the rest of her life. will it? she […]

  • carman commented on the post, wand 8 years ago

    a guide of energy. a stem of intent. what controls your will and intertwines with the blessed elements to communicate with them.

  • carman commented on the post, scarves 8 years ago

    multiple. colourful. beautiful scarves, used for what? small trinkets of appreciation, i need none of it, tell me simply how you feel. but i’d like a scarf anyways. altruistic i feel so often but i need some assurance occasionally.

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    a statement is a theory of cause. nobody says anything if they dont really mean it right? wrong. all the time you say things that dont encompass you as a person. they are out of character. but you say them anyways. something causes you to say it. something piques the sparks in your brain to […]