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    Consider the silliness inherent in certain opposites. It seems almost day to day to hear that man (or a woman) has sold himself short, but is a whale of another color to learn to learn that someone has sold themselves tall. It seems criminal somehow to learn someone could get away with such a thing, as though a great con had taken place, that…[Read more]

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    One day television stopped. It was a failure of the satellites, the streams, the chords, the cables, cable itself, half a failing of attention and any other myriad of factors but the fact of matter was: television was over. Across America many families spent several hours slapping the remote control with their hands — as many families were known…[Read more]

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    This is nonfiction. It will be nonfiction until it is not. And even then it will be a gradation of truth. An elaboration, if anything. Tiffany is the name of a woman who holds me accountable. Being held accountable for something is a stately way of saying you’ve been blamed. And so I have. Tiffany is in therapy because I am a caustic, impossible…[Read more]

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    The last time I saw my mother – she died while I was abroad – she stood with her back to me mixing apples and brown sugar and flour in a bowl in preparation for a pie she’d intended to make. She was a wreck then, my father having just left her, and she in the midst of moving out of their home and into the same apartment complex as my aunt…[Read more]

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    Assad sorts through the clothes in the Goodwill donation bags. He opens them carefully, unlike his coworkers, who rip into the black plastic with great disdain, and pours the clothes from the bags with great care onto the floor. Assad has been given asylum form Syria, and he spends his days in the United States, in Macon, Georgia, spreading…[Read more]

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    He left the ground like a cannonade. It was a violent, awkward departure – his shoes scraping the ground while gravity restricted his shoulders for those final few seconds before he lifted – and then, shocked, he looked down and realized he’d done it – he’d mastered flight. The thrill, unsurprisingly for a generation plagued by immediacy, wore off…[Read more]

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    How old do you have to be before it’s appropriate to ask the question: Am I a good person? Drunk and stoned by eleven-years-old. When do you count? When you lose your virginity? The first time you cheat? When do […]

  • When he was born his father placed him into a bucket and said, “You will respect me,” and then rolled him down the stairs. He never cried again. When he was five-years-old he stole for the first time. He was […]

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    Mary stared into the thick brush behind the house they lived in — or the house they used to live in, starting tomorrow — for the last time. Behind her, faded from view by the sunset streaked glass, were dozens […]

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    Twice I saw the interior designer look up my towel; the main reason being I’d grabbed a hand towel, not a full sized towel, and so the small cotton square barely managed to cover what now sagged and rested on the […]

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    The first woman I loved stabbed me in the finger with a pencil when I was ten-years old in fifth grade. The manifestation of my physical longing was because of this young woman, Courtney Conrad, and was the […]

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    You think: if you wrote a story about a single minute in every single person’s life on the planet you would have some seven billion stories. You have written three previous novels that publishers kept calling […]

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    He’s lost four children at an airport in Germany. He may or may not have done it purposely. He does not recall, as he sits at a slot machine and watches as his money disappears pull after pull after pull of the […]

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    There are men who want women, and men who want to be women, and women who want men, and women who want other women, and the men who were previously men but are now the women desired by the women desiring other […]

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    David drew comics for a living; a syndicated comic about the Civil War called, “The Silly South,” which was not the most popular. What David had in mind was a cross between Garfield, Beetle Bailey, and Dilbert, […]

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    The young boy listens to his mother and his older sister fight. The boy is eight years old, and does not understand certain words that are spoken more viciously than others, like they were acrid, like they needed […]

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    You fight so hard not to believe it. When your wife asks where you were you say the pet store. The truth, in all likelihood, would have incited less suspicion. You were with your friend Mark watching a baseball […]

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    She noted the earring in the sink. She asked her husband about it. Happy Birthday, he says, and kisses her on the cheek. Where’s the other? She asks, and notes the box in her hands. It’s her birthday again, her […]

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    A tiny man had fallen from the sky. He must have died on impact, I thought, or before impact from fright — I am no expert on tiny men, as I am a gynecologist — but his small broken body lay twisted near the […]

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    Rod Carlson rose from the dining room table to answer the front door, albeit rather angrily, perturbed that someone had not thought it too late to bother him and his family in the middle of their dinner, his […]