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    He was known for his tall tales. Everyone loved to hear Henry talk about all of his adventures through the jungles of the Amazon and the treks across the Sahara.

  • He was in complete shock when he saw the picture she had on the mantle. It conjured up those old demons of hatred and resentment. He was sure he had buried those demons many years ago. Then he noticed his right hand feeling his third finger on his left hand where his wedding ring hadn’t been for the last eight years.

  • The look on John’s face could not betray his feelings while he was being sentenced. His eyes were cold, hard, and soulless.

  • Why would I want to take the time to embellish my story by making up things that are not true. When your story is true you don’t have to keep changing things. I prefer sticking with the truth.

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    It has been a long and lonely, but productive time in this cave. A time to reflect on all that I have been taught and expected to believe. A time that has allowed me to examine my beliefs in a rational way.