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    you’re watching the sunset with the only boy you’ve ever been in love with. it’s something the both of you do every once in a while. he’s always the one who begs you to see it with him. and when you give in, he smiles so wide, so it’s worth it you guess.

    right now, you’re both sitting on the roof of his house. the tiles of the roof are digging…[Read more]

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    she wasn’t afraid of any monsters,
    emily told herself as she lay in bed.
    nothing like a monster under the bed could scare her.

    besides, her attention shifted to the steps she heard coming up the stairs.
    they sounded fast and unsteady.
    the door noisily swung open, and in came her father, reeking of alcohol.
    she had her own demons to deal with.

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    “prove it to me.” she yelled, the veins in her neck bulging. her eyes were wide and her brow furrowed with her anger. her temple throbbed and she raised her hands up, looking at her fists. she unclenches them slowly. she frowns deeply.

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    sometimes i like to think that i’m cute. i don’t think that i’m pretty or anything or attractive of that sorts. idk i just don’t really think about my body all the much in terms of whether i’m attractive or not. i like clothes tho. so sometimes i’ll try to put a little effort into my outfit.

    in school, sometimes i think, “why are people cuter…[Read more]

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    her glasses were thick and her eyes sharp
    features stiff
    shoulders up
    she was a doctor alright
    a certified one and you could look in her office and see
    with all the degrees on her walls
    with turn-lipped smiles

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    the brown haired boy’s frame sinked into the hospital bed,
    sickly pale and even white against the sheets.
    he was sick,
    and he
    but there wasn’t a single bone fracture.
    it was the fractured heart that made him so sickly pale.
    it was a new rare disease where
    the unrequited love led to heart-break and so,
    the fracture of…[Read more]

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    the fractured girl stood in the rain,
    tears leaving cracks in her cheeks, crevices in the hollow spaces.
    she stared at his back as he walked away.
    she looked away from him to peer through her lashes
    to see if the sun was coming through.
    because she couldn’t let the light of day
    lay sight on her fractured heart.

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    i love coats. i could fill a whole closet with them.
    my favorites are winter coats
    because i had met her in the winter,
    when people wore red scarves and children held their mother’s hands
    to keep them warm.
    i still have her tattered gray winter coat,
    with mismatched patches stitched on.
    i can remember the snow falling onto…[Read more]

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    lint. the one thing he always found on his shirt
    he leaned his elbows forward and sunk further into his desk.
    he peered around the detention room.
    so boring. and yet.
    he plucked a little ball of lint off his shirt. hmph.
    lint. the one thing he could never get off his clothes.

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    she trudged through the snow, that rose all the way up to her knees. her hands felt numb and her lips were dumb. her frame was engulfed in snow like powder and her trembling just wouldn’t stop.

    she couldn’t stop either. she had to continue ONWARD. there was no stopping the little girl in her little parka.

  • Was that just perspective or? The blue eyed boy squinted through his glasses, wondering what that thing in the sky was. His eyes slowly widened and he began walking backwards as the large dot in the sky began to grow. “Holy SHIT!” He yelled and turn and ran for his life.

    His legs flew under him and the boy was so relieved he was in…[Read more]

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    the little girl was like a bug as she scuttled forward, standing back and watching as her mother cooked.

    she wandered round the kitchen, much like a roach looking for food. her mother paused to peer at her daughter but said nothing and continued cooking, unknowing of her daughters objective. the girl was waiting for her apron. her darling…[Read more]

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    the apron flutters
    i watch it glide slowly
    how dull, the color
    – A haiku

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    What a nice apron, I vaguely think as I pass the woman in on the streets of New York City. I paused in my steps, allowing the people behind me to pass, and turn my head to peer back at the woman with an apron. She didn’t seem like a cook to me. She walked as if she were a queen and held her head high above. Glancing behind at the sign, I watch it…[Read more]

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    He stuck out his tongue in a playful manner. I narrowed my eyes at him. What a brat. He’d gotten flour all over me (even in my ears!) and all he could do was stick his tongue out at me. I wiped my hands across the front of my apron. I turned and walked into the kitchen, ignoring David as he leaned against the doorway.

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    The brown haired girl sighed, adjusting her apron before getting back to her work. She didn’t have time to dwell on such matters. The only time she had was for work. And working was for a damn good reason too.